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Franklin "Foggy" Nelson

Foggy Nelson first met Matt Murdock at Columbia Law School, where they were roomed together, and the two quickly became friends. Due to Foggy's overweight physique, he was often the target of bullying and harassment. However, Matt, with his enhanced senses, protected Foggy from these attackers. In addition to physical support, Matt helped Foggy academically as well. The first real argument between the two arose out of Foggy's disapproval of Matt's then-girlfriend, Elektra Natchios. Foggy's distrust was a result of his belief that Elektra was a danger to Matt and herself; a concern that eventually became prophecy. Following Elektra's departure from the University, Foggy and Matt enroll in Harvard Law School, from which they eventually graduate successfully.


Foggy Nelson was created by Stan Lee and Bill Everett and first appeared in Daredevil #1 (1964).

Mayor Story Arcs

Murdock & Nelson

After Harvard, the two opened their own private law firm, and hired their first employee, secretary/personal assistant, Karen Page. Both partners soon became enamoured with Karen, but unfortunately for Foggy, only Matt's love was reciprocated. As such, Foggy stepped aside so his friend could pursue happiness with Karen. During this time, Foggy meets an ex-flame by the name of Deborah Harris, who he begins to date, only to be betrayed by Deborah's criminal allegiances.


Years later, Elektra, now an assassin, was hired by the Kingpin to assassinate Foggy. However, before she could carry out her task, she was recognized by Foggy, and consequently, couldn't carry through with her assignment. Angered by this, the Kingpin sends the assassin Bullseye after her; their conflict ending with Elektra's death. Foggy was ignorant of his partners double-life for many years, despite his suspicions regarding Matt's frequent exits and physical injuries. Although their friendship has endured numerous trials, such as Foggy's appointment as District Attorney, Matt's descent into paranoia due to the actions of the Kingpin, and, of course, Matt's dedication to his alternate persona. Nevertheless, the two remained friends and confidantes. Eventually Foggy learned about Matt's secret, but never told a soul.

Love Life

Foggy has dated many over the years, including Deborah Harris (whom he eventually marries, and later, divorces), Matt's ex-girlfriend, Glorianna O'Breen, and Liz Allen. Alas, each of these relationships have ended in heartbreak for the Hell's Kitchen lawyer.

Seeming Death

Not Dead, but angry

However, after Matt's secret identity was released by the media, and his consequent arrest, things began to take a further turn for the worse between the two friends. Foggy went and visited the incarcerated Matt with private investigator Dakota North, where he was brutally attacked and stabbed by several inmates. Due to his enhanced sense, Matt was able to hear the sound of his friend's weakening heartbeat; leading to Foggy being pronounced dead. A grieving Matt later attended his friend's funeral, only to be the subject of Foggy's mother, Rosalind Sharpe's abuse, as she blamed him for the death of her son.

It is later revealed that Foggy was not in fact dead, but rather a participant in the Witness Protection Program, in which he resided under a new name for some time. When attempting to see Matt, Foggy was kidnapped in an elaborate plot orchestrated by the Kingpin's wife, Vanessa Fisk. Nevertheless, Vanessa releases her captor, and Foggy and Matt are at last reunited. After which, with the help of fellow lawyer, Becky Blake, Foggy and Matt manage to clear Matt of all charges. The two reopen their firm, this time with Becky as equal partner.


Recently, Foggy and Matt's friendship has once again become strained due to Matt's alter-ego and his subsequent irrational behavior, such as ignoring his responsibilities to the firm. However, it is only after Matt makes a deal with the Kingpin that Foggy's patience reaches its apex. Emotionally hurt, and morally perplexed, that Matt would make a deal with the man who had caused them both such pain in the past, results in Foggy firing Matt from the firm. Foggy later expresses remorse at this decision, as he worries that his friend's new role as leader of the Hand has resulted in him taking on a new murderous attitude.

A new start

After the events of Shadowland, in witch it was explained that Matt's murderous attitude was the result of a demon-possesion, Foggy and Matt once again renewed their friendship as they started a new law firm. However due to complications, Matt and Foggy now only help people to defend themselves instead of doing it for them in a court of law.

Recently he has been having a lot of headaches and joint pains and the blood tests show he has cancer. His best friend took him for a trip around the city during his night watch over Hell's kitchen to spit in fear's face and have a look at Matt's perspective of the world.

In Other Media

Daredevil (2003 Film)

Jon Favreau as Foggy Nelson

Jon Favreau, director of Iron Man 1 & 2, plays Foggy Nelson in the 2003 adaptation of Daredevil. His role is mainly one of comic relief, and he does not exhibit the same animosity toward Elektra as he does in the comics. His friendship with Matt, inside and outside of the courtroom, is further elaborated on in the Director's Cut edition of the film.

Fun fact, Jon also plays Happy Hogan in three Iron Man movies.

Daredevil (2015 series)

Elden Henson as Foggy

Elden Henson portrays Foggy Nelson in the Netflix exclusive show. Like in the comics, Foggy serves as Matt's law partner, and the major source of comic relief.

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