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Ferid was tasked with finding a way to weaponize Antarctic Vibranium for Crime-Master. After discovering a method however, Ferid used the Vibranium to arm his people for war. Jack O'Lantern was sent to retrieve the Doctor so that Crime-Master could discover his methods, while Flash Thompson a.k.a. Agent Venom was sent by the US Army to apprehend Ferid for igniting a war in his counrty, as well as selling his weapons to terrorists, dictators, and costumed villains.

Despite his solid Vibranium tank, Ferid was captured rather easily by Thompson, but Jack O'Lantern then intervened and attempted to make off with the Doctor. Thompson pursued Jack O'Lantern, while also trying to protect some civilians. When Jack O'Lantern wouldn't let up however, Thompson lost control of the Venom symbiote and nearly killed Jack O'Lantern, who quickly retreated with Ferid in tow. Refusing to let Ferid escape, Thompson fired a web at him and snapped the Doctor's neck as he was flying away on Jack O'Lantern's broomstick, killing him.

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