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Tony Stark is back in his Iron Man armor and this time he's going to get the Ghost. The Ghost has sworn to destroy all corporations in the name of public service.

At his base, Ghost is repairing himself after getting beat up by Iron Man and Spymaster. He swears to get revenge on Roxxon, Stark Industries, and Tony Stark for "almost" getting the best of him.

Elsewhere, at a Burger King (of all places), a hippy guy "Flex" is tearing up the joint because people are adding to their cholesterol count--think I'm kidding? Iron Man shows up and puts an end to his vegetable eating habits and then leaves.

Iron Man heads back to Stark Industries to check if there were any Ghost invasions in his absence. Rhodey was all over it with the invisible detector running non-stop. Stark Industries was officially Ghost-free. With security on high alert for Ghost invasions, Tony tries to lay low for the time being.

He places a call to Hollywood to check in on his close friend, Tawny who inquires if he still plans on being her guest for the Academy Awards presentation. He advises her the he's not going to leave the building as his company is on a high security alert and it is a matter of life and death--she abruptly hangs up the phone.

Back at his tower, Tony is discussing with Rhodes that he needs to develop beta ray technology and sell it under Accutech in order to save his company and finances. A few days later he is at a technology demonstration with this new beta ray tech showing off his new prototype. Ghost somehow shows up and makes an attempt on Tony's life. His attempt fails because "Tony" was just a holographic image and it's been used to spring a trap for Ghost who begins to flee. Iron Man chases him through Stark Tower (for the third time) and knows right where he's headed--the generator.

Iron Man, being more familiar with the place, gets there first and springs another trap for Ghost. He electrifies all metal in the room and it overloads Ghost's circuits melting him into a puddle of goo.

Back at the demonstration many of the "investors" liked what they saw and are handing over checks to Tony to continue building beta ray generators for future energy consumption. Stark Enterprises is saved.

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