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Tony Stark discovers a shattering secret about himself and the people who depend on him most. Plus, an old and favorite friend returns to the Stark Enterprises office.

Iron Man is assisting with demolition of old buildings in Los Angeles. He flies in to weaken the structure of the buildings, then shoots them with his repulsor beams to start the ball rolling. After assisting the foreman take down three buildings he is met by a union shop steward who complains about him taking union jobs. The foreman tells him to get lost and that he'll take care of him.

Iron Man heads for Stark Enterprises and lands on the roof and walks into the Penthouse to change into something more comfortable. He heads downstairs to check up on Mrs. Williams when he's met by Mrs. Arbogast and is pleasantly surprised. They catch up on old times and Rhodey joins them.

After the work is done Rhodes heads for home and is surprised by Marcy Pearson in his condo. They fool around and both start getting ready for Tony's party at six-o'clock.

Six-o'clock rolls around and guests start arriving at Tony's new mansion. Mrs. Arbogast calls Tony and asks when the host will arrive at the party. Tony, just finishing up on some armor upgrades replies, "when I get there". He decides to give the upgrades a test run, suits up, and takes off into the night. As he's flying he notices a car accident on the freeway and stops to assist.

Shortly after saving a gas tanker from exploding he is flagged down by another guy in a car, his wife is having a baby. Iron Man grabs the woman in labor had takes off for a hospital with her in his arms. After saving the pregnant lady, by dropping her off at the hospital, he is summoned by a police officer at the hospital. The police officer informs him that there are some serious mud slides on the hillside. Iron Man heads for the hills to investigate. He saves a house from sliding down the hill in the mudd. He heads back for his mansion and to join the party.

Once he arrives, he notices that almost all have already left in disappointment. He mingles with the remaining guests and hits the sack.

Elsewhere, on the Pacific Ocean, Force is attacking a sea liner for fun...

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