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The young woman named Daphne was raised by a sect of warrior women known as the Coda, who had established a community on a mysterious island off the coast of Mozambique. Her mother was a Coda Warrior, and her father was a Genactive soldier and former Team 7 member who had become a pirate and visited the island. Their relationship was strictly forbidden under Coda law and once discovered, Daphne's father was forced to flee for his life. Daphne grew up on the island not knowing her father. In contrast to her fierce warrior 'sisters,' Daphne had a gentle and nurturing personality, so she was deemed unfit for warrior training and instead became the personal servant of the Coda's Majestrix.
 Tending to the captive Rainmaker
The members of the superhero team Gen 13 suffered an accident during an adventure at sea, becoming separated and washing up on different shores of the island. One of them, Sarah Rainmaker, was captured by the Coda and held prisoner under suspicion of being in league with the pirates, who were the Coda's longtime enemies. The Majestrix interrogated Rainmaker and had her brutally tested in gladiator-like contests. Daphne fed and tended to Rainmaker while she was chained up in the Coda's dungeons, and became convinced that Rainmaker was a virtuous person and not an enemy. The two grew close, resulting in Daphne deciding to disobey her Majestrix and free Rainmaker.  
The pirates mounted a surprise attack against the Coda's citadel, eventually breaking through and capturing the Majestrix. Just as it looked as though the Majestrix would be killed by one of the pirates, Rainmaker arrived and blasted the pirate with a lightning bolt, proving herself an ally of the Coda despite their mistreatment of her. With Rainmaker's help, the Coda fought back and routed the pirates. Meanwhile, Daphne's father had returned to the island and gathered the scattered Gen 13 members, who eventually all arrived at the Coda's citadel and reunited with Rainmaker. Daphne was reunited with her father and chose to leave the Coda to join him on his ship. 
 Rainmaker says goodbye
Despite their relatively short time together, Daphne and Rainmaker formed a strong bond with each other and it was implied that they were more than just friends. Wildstorm, seeking to avoid controversy, abruptly pulled the plug on any overt romantic involvement between the two characters at the last minute. The original artwork featured a romantic kiss between Rainmaker and Daphne, but was replaced just before publication with Rainmaker planting a much tamer kiss on Daphne's forehead. Rainmaker then explained to her teammates that she and Daphne were "just friends," though her teammates did not seem convinced.  

Powers and Abilities 

Daphne's lineage, with a Genactive father and Coda Warrior mother, would indicate that she was quite likely to develop superhuman abilities. However, she was not shown to possess any special powers in any of her appearances, and her Coda Warrior 'sisters' even suspected that she lacked the necessary toughness to become a Coda Warrior herself (though Rainmaker later assured her that she had the 'spirit' of a warrior). Daphne was still quite young and it was possible that any superhuman powers she possessed simply had not manifested yet. 

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