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The original Coda are an all-female warrior society on Khera, forming essentally a political party among the governing factions of that planet. Their closest male counterparts are the all-male Brotherhood of the Blade.

Zealot started her own version of the Coda on Earth when she was stranded on the planet. On Khera the group was based in tradition and honor, but on Earth the group became mercenaries that would kill anyone for money. After several millennia Zealot became disgusted with it and began a campaign to destroy every member of the Coda. There are many members but very few are named. Most of the ones that are, were trained specially by Zealot and are even more deadly than the nameless hordes of women that call themselves Coda (though they are deadly in their own right). All members are trained in unarmed combat as well as sword fighting, gunplay and stealth. Coda warriors are not allowed to surrender and will sacrifice themselves to complete a mission.

Prior to Zealot's departure, the Coda members underwent a ritual using her Kherubim blood that caused them to stop aging.

Special Members

Zealot recreated the Coda on Earth and before she turned on her students she was their leader, the Majestrix of the Coda.

Grifter is the only male to ever be trained as a Coda on Earth or on Khera. He was trained by Zealot.

Voodoo was a member of the WildC.A.T.S with Zealot and she recieved training but didn't become as skilled a fighter as other Coda have shown themselves to be.

The Grand Sarin is, according to Zealot, the deadliest weapon of the Coda. She was trained by Zealot, wears a special combat suit and carries explosives, special swords and other gadgets. Her real face has never been seen.

Andromache is another Coda trained by Zealot and became the Majestrix of the Coda when Zealot abandoned the group.

Nemesis was made a member of the Coda and trained by Zealot at the request of Mr. Majestic.

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