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Valencia Kirk was born in St.Paul MN, the daughter of a military arms expert and learned early the trade of weapons and their deadly use. At a young age Valencia started collecting all sorts of firearms and other melee weapons, taking an interest in firing ranges. That led to her being trained in the use of such weapons and eventually to meeting a man named Kevin Kirk, a international spy who worked for "the Department" and the two fell in love. After sometime together Valencia decided to take an active role in her husbands espionage world and took up his occupation.   
Soon after the young couple of Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kirk were the most successful husband and wife spy team in the ‘Department". However shortly after they lving the dangerous lifestyle of the espionage world Kevin was murdered while investigating a secret criminal sect called The Pact. Valencia felt let down by the Department and ended up quitting the Department and start seeking a new life for herself. 
Unsure on her purpose but still angry ,Valencia makes a vow of vengeance against crime, deciding that she would create a secret identity to follow her new vigilante exploit. At this time the newest crime-fighter is born as Valencia fashions herself as Colt, the Weapons Mistress.  

Abilities and Weapons

The lady will shoot first
Colt  is a seasoned intelligence operative-turned-vigilante and is an expert of several forms of martial arts and the use of a large amount of different  forms of weaponry.  She also has the typical stealth and surveillance skills of an experienced spy and relies on various gadgets from time to time.

Colt is the only member of FemForce with no true paranormal abilities, making her easily the weakest member of the team. In addition she is quite short, just above five feet in height. Her team-mate She-Cat has nicknamed her "Shorty". However Colt can rely on her intellect and strategic skills to gain victory. She has served as leader of FemForce but was ousted from position after the arrival of the new Ms. Victory, Jennifer Wayne-Burke.

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