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    @shot said:Ghost RiderJohn ConstantineAlucard (Hellsing)These three characters combined into one.You can pick a team of four people or create your own Amalgam of three.Morals On.In-Character.1 Day Pr...

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    That is a mod and staff only ability, once you add your replacements you have to make requests in the Deletion thread for the old ones to be removed.
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    Pikahyper, can you tell me how can I delete some bad quality images or covers, to replace them? Can I have the autorisation to do this?
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    N-Y, here we go!
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    Sure, she is in Spinnerette. Here is a link to the series: http://www.spinnyverse.com/
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    Hey there! Can you tell me in which books we can see Mecha-Maid, a character you added recently ? Thanks!
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    Love bionic woman!