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 Earthbound,Commando D!
Attempting to takeover the Altrann  home-world and decree sovereign control, the alien shape-changing reptilian species called the Vardax  overrun the tech-state of Altrannas. With their forces decimated and  their defenses in shambles, the scientist council realized there was no one left to protect the scientific advances their culture had produced. However they decided that the young and capable science tech Kon-Nar  would be suitable as a host to bestow a dimensionally altered physiology. The lead Altrannian scientist Dr. Zan had little choice left but to put Kon-Nar into his advanced invention the dimensional converter chamber, and changed his very DNA. Coming out of the converter a changed man, no longer restricted by the three physical dimensions of height, width and depth, Kon-Nar discovered his ability to change his very proportions. Having the DNA altering induction chamber shrunk and placed into a ring owned by Dorna which would be activated to imbue Kon-Nar with his special powers. But the devastating realization that at that point it would be impossible to save his planet and its people, Kon-Nar and his girlfriend Dorna  would travel to the planet Earth to further be protectors of their scientific knowledge. His planet now destroyed the alien race of the Vardax would seek out Connor amongst the galaxy.
Kon-Nar and Dorna soon make their travels to Earth, knowing that they where still being followed by the bloodthirsty Vardax.  Quickly discovered by the Vardax the two tried to flee their intended capture, however Dorna was tragically fatally wounded. A young teen by the name Denny Brant was given the secret ring by the dying Dorna who's last words convinced him to help Kon-Nar against the Vardax. Using the ring to give access to Kon-Nar, who now resumed his mass altering powers and defeated the group of Vardax hunters. With the loss of Dorna the last of his people, Kon-Nar accepted the company of Denny and took up the identity of Connor Page. Having a uniform and mask created to conceal his newly acquired human identity, Connor took the name up of Commando D to obtain further information on Earths culture. However Connor was not aware that the ruthless reptilians already had obtained several human allies. Lucky timing offered a chance roadside encounter with a Vardax war party and trucker Mike McCluskey, who was the masked hero the Scarlet Scorpion. Other superheros such as the alien powerhouse Captain Paragon, the mystical mistress Nightveil, and the alien amazon Stardust would join forces to become the Sentinels of Justice. All bound together to defeat the undercover invasion of the reptilian Vardax.  
The Vardax now controls secret locations in the United States of America which Commando D and Denny have discovered, while the Scarlet Scorpion is imprisoned in a Vardax mountain stronghold. Returning to notify his fellow Sentinals, Captain Paragon and Stardust, of the current kidnapping of their teammate Commando D makes them realize the dire need to advance with a plan to beat the Vardax and rescue the Scarlet Scorpion. Convinced to follow Commando D's warnings the team travels to a mountain which he is convinced that the Scorpion is being held and the Vardax are using as a lair. However one of the human bought out by the Vardax  and now served the alien's Chromo creates a light-image of a giant monster at the mountain with his own superhuman capabilities. Commander D and the Sentinels arrived on the area of the supposed monster to combat the illusion, and find not only the incarcerated  Scarlet Scorpion, and confirm the very real threat of the Vardax enclave. During the ensuing battle the Commander and fellow heroes manage to destroy both the Vardax base and their powerful transporter device, the Commander knows that  the threat is far from over. 

Powers and Abilities

 The superhuman powers that were gained by Commando D are all due to the advanced machinery created by Altrannian Science. The dimensional converter chamber altered Commando D's physiology allowing him to to change his physical mass, enabling him to ignore the 3-dimensional constraints of the physical world. The Commando can than use this ability to grow in size including width, height, and length. The more he increased in mass the more durable his body would become, enabling him to ignore many means of serious damage to his person. He also increased in strength and stamina, able to lift and press many tons of material beyond normal human means and for long periods of time. These powers could only be set in motion when the Commando used the chamber, which had been shrunk down to a tiny size and placed within a ring once owned by Dorna, and now carried by Denny Brant.
As a former science technician for his race of the advanced Altranians the Commando has much training and expertize in the field of science. He was able to understand Earth's lower technology by trail and error, coming to become a capable user of it in a short time. The Commando also has knowledge of navigation and piloting space faring vessels, being able to get to planet Earth while fleeing the Vardax.

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