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 Citadel vs Wolverine.
Wolverine, Snowbird, Aurora and Shaman are sent on a mission to save the Governor General of Canada when she is held captive by Citadel and some of his soldiers inside the La Citadelle De Quebec. Wolverine engages with Citadel and realized he has adamantium skin. Citadel tells Wolverine that the Canadian Government grafted the synthetic metal onto him and his men and he was dubbed Weapon Y. Citadel just wanted proper compensation for himself and his men from the suffering they endured during the entire process. However the adamantium was slowly poisoning him and Wolverine wanted to help. Citadel was taken down from a neuro-taser from a high ranking officer before he could reveal any relevant information to Wolverine. 


Citadel was created by Fred Van Lente and Clayton Henry in 2008 and first appeared in Wolverine: First Class # 5.

Powers & Abilities

Citadel is a former soldier with adamantium skin and exo-skeleton. Citadel possesses superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury.

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