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Our story begins with Professor X calling the X-Men to his side. He explains that Wolverine recieved a call from his old military base in Quebec. Without explanation, he took the Blackbird and set course that by Cerebro's calculations will take him back that same base. Charles further explains that like any of the X-Men, he is free to leave at any time, but he has taken Kitty Pryde with him, and that is not acceptable. He sends Angel, Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Storm to intercept him.

While heading for Quebec on the Blackbird, Logan shares a story with Kitty, about his days with Alpha Flight. He starts with how Heather and Jimmy Hudson found him while they were hiking on their honeymoon. He was like an animal, with no memories. Department H took him in, trained him, and gave his life new meaning, defending Canada from menaces such as Hulk and Wendigo.

One day he was sent on a mission that would change things between him and the government forever. There was a hostage situation at La Citadelle in Quebec, intel said that some of the captors were superhuman. Logan is asked to form a strike team to handle the situation. He chooses Aurora, Shaman and Snowbird. Aurora and Snowbird are sent in first as recon, and Snowbird makes use of her Postcognitive Sight, which allows her to see any event up to six hours old. While Wolverine and Shaman meet with police, Aurora returns saying that there's fourteen of them, and she hasn't seen Snowbird anywhere. The attackers have rounded up the garrison, the staff and all the tourists into the museum, along with a goat. A member of Canadian Intelligence shows up on the scene and informs the team that this is now a matter of national security, and that the Governor General is among the captives, recsuing her has become top priority. Snowbird returns from recon as a mouse, and says that they took her into the cellar inside her residence and that one of them is definitely superhuman. Wolverine splits the team. He will handle extracting the Governor General, while the rest secure the museum. While rescuing the hostages in the museum, the team makes an odd discovery.

Meanwhile, Wolverine has almost completed his part of the mission when the mystery superhuman sneaks up on him. He didn't detect his scent because it was so much like his own. The man was covered with adamantium. Logan tells Kitty that this was the first time his claws couldn't cut something, and trying sent a painful vibration up his arm. The man who calls himself Citadel, tells Wolverine about how he and his men were wounded overseas. They were told that they were being sent home to a clinic to receive the latest in medical treatment, but instead they had synthetic metal grafted onto their bodies which was slowly killing them. Citadel was codenamed "Weapon Y", but instead of being used as a weapon, he broke out taking his men with them. They started this so they could get fair compensation for their pain, or demand a press conference so the public would know what was going on. Wolverine tries to tell him that something similar happened to him, and that he was on his side, but Citadel was too angry to listen. Suddenly he gets distracted by a goat, which turns out to be Snowbird.

Wolverine again tried to get citadel to listen, but the man from Canadian Intel shows up and zaps him with a neuro-taser. When Wolverine asks him if there was any truth to Citadel's story, he refuses to tell him anything. Except that he was never here and that Wolverine doesn't have the clearance to know otherwise. Logan's friend Jimmy Hudson finds out where Citadel was from, and manages to make intelligence let Shaman operate on him. There is little hope however, since nothing can get through the adamantium. Furthermore, he tells Logan that his healing factor is the only thing keeping him alive, and that his rages and memory loss could be due to adamantium poisoning. When Wolverine learned about Colonel Kinney meeting with Professor Xavier, he resigned from Alpha Flight and joined the X-Men. And now he is at the part why he brought Kitty all the way up here.

The X-Men arrive to find Kitty safe and sound. She explains that Logan got a call from Shaman saying that Citadel had gotten worse, and that is when he realized that there was one thing that could get through his adamantium skin and save his life. Kitty's phasing power. He raced up there with her as fast as he could, and there was no time to explain. Sadly, they got there too late.

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