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Marrina Smallwood

Marrina was a member of the Plodex, a brutal alien race bent on universal domination. 40,000 years ago, the Plodex sent one of their eggs through space to the planet Earth. This was their method of promulgating the species. By imprinting the DNA of each unique race, they hoped to learn more of their opposition, in order to one day conquer the universe. The egg landed in the Atlantic Ocean, and settled there. As the result, the genetic material inside of the egg adapted to it's underwater environment, in an effort to stay alive. Forward to present-day Newfoundland, Canada. A horrific storm nearly drowns fisherman Thomas Smallwood, and he notices the Plodex egg glowing beneath the waves. He dislodges the egg from the sea floor, and it rises to the surface with him in tow, saving his life. Smallwood takes the egg home to his wife, Gladys Smallwood, who accidentally hatches the egg, prematurely. This causes the genetic material inside of the egg to take the form of a human female infant. The egg is flawed, however, as Marrina does not exhibit the natural inclination to destroy that is inherent in the Plodex race. The Smallwoods take Marrina into their home with open arms, and adopt her as their daughter, despite her peculiar physical characteristics.


Marrina was created by John Byrne in 1983 and first appeared in Alpha Flight # 1.

Mayor Story Arcs

Alpha Flight

Alpha Flight
Marrina And Namor

When Marrina grew to maturity, her father told the Canadian government about his remarkable daughter, and she was inducted into the Canadian superhuman trainee program, Gamma Flight. Marrina proved herself to be a valuable asset to the team, and quickly rose through their ranks. Marrina would have been promoted to Canada's premiere superhero team Alpha Flight, had their funding not been cut. The team disbanded, however, the members assumed responsibility of keeping the team going, and Marrina was accepted into Alpha Flight as one of it's founding members. Marrina would later be kidnapped from the team by the Master of the World. The Master of the World had been a victim of an alien warrior known as Plodex, and as the result, he wanted to destroy Marrina for being a member of their kind. He provided Marrina with the shocking details of her past, before she was rescued by Alpha Flight, and Namor the Sub-Mariner. By rescuing Marrina, the Master of the World was freed of the Plodex technology.

Namor invited Marrina to join him in Atlantis, and they quickly fell in love. Unfortunately, the Master of the World located one other member of the Plodex race on planet Earth, a vicious behemoth with no qualms about killing. The Master of the World allowed the alien to go on a killing spree, and Marrina was deployed to investigate the merciless killings. Upon discovering her fellow Plodex, Marrina reverted to a feral, and combative, form. She attacked Namor and Puck, who had followed Marrina, but the trio was captured by the Master of the World. Once at the Master of the World's base of operations, Marrina was disgusted and shocked to learn the other Plodex was her intended mate. After a brutal battle, the Master of the World's submarine was destroyed in an explosion, and Marrina allowed Namor to believe that she had died in the ensuing explosion. Ashamed of her actions, and believing herself to be a horrible monster, Marrina left everyone to live her life alone at sea.

The Avengers

As "Leviathan"

Eventually, Marrina would overcome her shame. She rejoined Namor, and became the queen of his underwater kingdom of Deluvia. Deluvia would sadly fail, and Namor would be cast out of his own kingdom. Marrina joined her husband when he accepted membership into the Avengers, becoming an associate to the team, herself. At the time, Marrina was pregnant. Her unique Plodex physiology reacted to the intrusion by transforming her into a massive sea creature resembling the Leviathan of mythic lore. After attacking Atlantis and destroying a fleet of ships, the Avengers were able to track Leviathan down. Namor was forced to stab his love with the Black Knight's Ebony Blade, mortally wounding Leviathan. The monster transformed back into the form of Marrina, and was buried by Namor and the Avengers with honor. Later, the Avengers would discover a nest of Plodex eggs created from the debris of Leviathan's rampage in the Atlantic ocean, however a number of the eggs had already hatched. Presumably, a vast number of Marrina's offspring escaped into the depths of the sea.


Later the Avengers would go on to battle Kang when he threatened the Earth. The Master of the World was infuriated by his new enemy, claiming himself to be the guardian of the planet. The Avengers were caught in the middle, and eventually managed to overpower the Master, taking control of his base of operations. The Avengers were at a loss to determine how the Master of the World had located the genetic material required to create a race of Plodex warriors, and Warbird neglected to see Marrina floating in a tank in the Master of the World's biological research laboratory.

Dark Reign

Dark Reign: The List "X-Men"

To punish Namor for betraying him, Norman Osborn used Marrina's remains to resurrect Leviathan. His scientific team modified the creature to keep it perpetually in estrus, and angry as the result. By splicing the monster with the genetic material of a shark, it's gonadotropic hormones drove it insane with hunger. Osborn had made it so that the only thing that satiated the creature was Atlanean blood. He released the monster into the Atlantic, and it proceeded to rend Atlantis asunder. Namor happened across the remains of the devastation, and brought the body of an Atlantean woman to the X-Men's island headquarters, Utopia. He wanted to know what was killing the people, and with the X-Men's help, Namor deviced a plan to teleport his people to safety with Magik and Pixie's aid, leading whatever was hunting them straight for the island, and the only drop of Atlantean blood for miles. The plan worked, and the monster that was Marrina attacked Utopia. Namor questioned if anything of Marrina remained in the creature, and the Stepford Cuckoos scanned it's mind, revealing nothing but primal hatred, and bloodlust. The combined efforts of Namor and the X-Men weakened the sea serpent just enough for the sub-mariner to drag it to the bottom of the sea, where he mercifully put it out of it's misery. Later, Namor tossed the monster's carcass through the window of Osborn's office building. He warned Norman that if he was willing to do that to his former wife, then to imagine what he was going to do to him. Osborn told Namor that he would be seeing him, soon.

Chaos War

During the events of Chaos War, Sasquatch makes a deal with the Great Beasts to return to him the dead members of Alpha Flight from the brink of oblivion. Among those returned to life was Marrina. During the battle against the hordes of the Chaos King, it was revealed that the Great Beasts were just using a ploy to remove the Chaos King as an obstacle. Feeling torn, the returned members of Alpha Flight were split in two groups - the ones that wanted to stay living and those that knew that they must return to death. Progressively, Marrina began to revert to her Leviathan form and this was what was needed to convince her that she should return to death. They found, however, that they were unable to do so. Swearing to battle the Chaos King (and possibly die in the process), Alpha Flight joined the main battle.

Fear Itself

Attuma has become one of the Worthy and is transformed into Nerkkod, Breaker of Oceans after he comes into possession of one of the mystic hammers. Nerkkod would terrorize Vancouver off the Pacific Coast with his army and come into conflict with Marrina and the rest of Alpha Flight. Nerkkod begins to gain the upper hand when he sweeps most members of Alpha Flight inside a powerful whirlpool and Marrina could not escape despite her aquatic abilities and enhanced strength. Shaman goes into his psychopomp form and discovers that Attuma's enhanced powers and abilities were given to him by the Serpent. Marrina and Alpha Flight escape from the whirlpool when Guardian takes Nerrkod to Cape Race off the Atlantic Coast.

Powers And Abilities

As Marrina

Marrina's Abilities
  • Marrina's unique hybrid of Plodex and human DNA provided her a uniquephysiology that made her completely amphibious. She had webbed hands and feet, pale yellow skin, black fish-like eyes, and green hair. Marrina could survive on both land and underwater indefinitely, being that she possessed both lungs and gills. Marrina was also immune to freezing temperatures. Her skin protected her from harsh elements, and also aided her while she swam. Marrina could exceed speeds normal humans could never hope to achieve while underwater by shedding the outer layers of her skin. Marrina's unique physiology protected her from the deeper parts of the ocean, as well, granting her enhanced speed, sight, strength, and endurance. Her preferred method of transportation was by swimming underwater, although she possessed superhuman speed while on land. It was shown that she could destroy a semi-truck by striking it full-force, while remaining unharmed, herself. Marrina would also use her considerable speed underwater to generate water spouts that would propel her several feet into the air, causing severe damage to anything that she may strike.

As Leviathan

  • When Marrina's Plodex instincts took hold, she became savage, andhomicidal. Her hands transformed into talons that can cut through steel. Her skin also secreted an oil that works as a contact poison, causing severe restriction of the pupils to anyone unfortunate to touch her, temporarily blinding them. After Marrina became pregnant with Namor's child, her Plodex genetics caused her to transform into a massive sea serpent over a mile in length, akin to the legendary Leviathan. It shot beams of kinetic energy from it's eyes, and laid thousand of Plodex eggs, using it's own devastation to "build a nest".


  • Name: Marrina Smallwood MacKenzie
  • Aliases: Leviathan
  • Identity: Publicly Known
  • Occupation: Adventurer / Former Queen Of Deluvia
  • Citizenship: Canada (Naturalized)
  • Place Of Birth: Newfoundland, Canada
  • Known Relatives: Tom Smallwood (Foster Father), Gladys Smallwood (Adopted Mother), Dan Smallwood (Foster Parents' Grandson), Namor (Husband), Unnamed Offspring
  • Group Affiliation: Alpha Flight, Gamma Flight, Beta Flight
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 200 lbs.
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Hair Color: Green
  • Weapons: None
  • Paraphernalia: Marrina used to wear a locket around her neck, in which she kept her Alpha Flight signal device.

Alternate Realities



In House Of M # 6, Marrina appears at a party held by Magneto to celebrate mutantkind's victory of mankind, alongside her husband, Namor.


An alternate reality Marrina and Alpha Flight help the Exiles stop the Soviet Union from covering the earth in Darkforce energy.


Marrina was a follower of the Phoenix Storm in the What If? tale "What If Storm Had The Power Of The Phoenix?".


In the reality of Hulk Rampage in Exiles # 5, Marrina is a member of a substantially larger Alpha Flight that includes Wolverine, and aids the team when Hulk is forced to flee into Canada. Thankfully, the Exiles are also there to help.


In the What If? tale "What If Wolverine Led Alpha Flight?", Marrina is a member of Alpha Flight.

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