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One night, after a concert, Quentin returned home and laid in his bed contemplating his life and his goals he has yet to reach. Suddenly, a bright light engulfed his bedroom and as the light vanished so did Quentin.
Two weeks had past and Quentin returned unconscious and what appeared to be genetically altered.
PSI was notified about this bizarre case, and Backlash and Taboo were sent to investigate. Upon arrival, Backlash witnessed the size and power of Quentin first hand when he refused to cooperate with PSI. After a brief struggle, Quentin was convinced by Backlash to return to PSI and have some tests run on him.

He has the ability to summon a telekinetic field that allows him to fly, push large objects wherever he desires, and enables him to endure tremendous amounts of punishments. What effect his field has against other psionics has yet to be determined

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