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Millenia ago, the Kherubim race betrayed and subverted the D'rahn, wiping out almost all of their Hive.  The D'rahn were a race of near invincible conquerors.  Narrowly defeating their oppressors, the Kherubim believed they had rid the galaxy of the despotic race.  Daemonites had also been conquered by the D'rahn, and served their masters up until they were exterminated.  Unknown to either of the two remaining races, a small group of D'rahn  remained, imprisoned on an out of the way planet called Earth.  Fast Forward to the present day, these D'rahn have been released, and they intend to conquer Earth.  A small group of heroes led by Backlash and backed by a U.S. government funded agency known as Department PSI are the only ones who know the truth, and they will fight against overwhelming odds to stop the D'rahn.  

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