Dc/Marvel's Most Powerful Black Superheroes & Villains

This list doesn't include Spectre, Doctor Voodoo, and Jakeem Thunder for Obvious reasons.

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I'll finish commenting on everyone when i have the time.

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Add Lightning, she's pretty bad ass.

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ah thanks

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Shouldn't Storm be higher?

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^ I honestly couldn't see storm beating anyone of the characters above her... What number do you think she should be?

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I do not know if you list is really in order,in seem so but i have disagree with some of it if it's a power ranking..

Blue marvel is more powerful then john stewart.

I could be wrong but this is the info i gathered doing more research.

Hyperion is from marvel and the ONE i am using, a version of him called king hyperion as an example was defeated by blue marvel.

Hyperion is any version of course is more powerful then superman,and hyperion defeated and killed

galactus,a being you know that more powerful the superman.

Blue marvel has beaten hyperion,so if he could do that feat,that means blue marvel is much more stronger then i thought while thinking about this.He has to above tier 15 and tier 14.

Galactus is like a

- Tier 6 - [ 1st Class Universal Abstract Entity Dimensional God ]:

A king hyperion killed him,and blue marvel beat king hyperion,so these two guys have to be at least tier 6,maybe higher or lower but to beat Galactus and i am assuming it was a fully powered one so these thee guys are really powerful.

The info i read about king hyperion killing Galactus does not mention if it was a lower powered or high powered,but if it was low powered that still a major feat and still puts these guys higher then top tier hero.Since i do not have any info on how powered Galactus was then i have to assume Galactus was fully powered and if that's the case that makes these guys at least tier 7 or tier 6 or higher or higher if it was a full Galactus since king hyperion beat Galactus.

If i am wrong on the tier level i will let you know but so far i think i am right and i am only going by what king hyperion as done and he killed many heroes in his own universe,his parallel universes,thor,hulk,Galactus etc..and when he went to the main marvel universe earth 616 blue marvel was able to beat him.

Check out hyperion vs superman vid talk

This is hyperion not king hyperion .king hyperion is like stronger version like superman/boy prime but stronger and blue marvel beat him

Hyperion VS Superman (CBVS#2 HD Remake)


Since i have not read the exiles comic yet this is what i go by for the info on king hyperion defeating folks in his universe because i can't take anybody words for in in superhero forums because there is alot of hardcore thor fans,superman etc.. who is biased and to some or many of them nothing could beat thier top favorite heros,not even the top god in the dc and marvel universe..

Remember superman prime is more powerful then john stewart and king hyperion is like the superman prime of marvel but stronger and more powerful of course some say that cosmic armour is the most powerful but i don't think the armour makes him more powerful,but if king hyperion could beat superman prime and Galactus and blue marvel could beat king hyperion,this means that blue marvel is really more powerful then john stewart and tangent superman most likely.

Of course i do not know much about tangent superman but from what i read superman prime maybe more powerful,maybe maybe not but if superman prime is more powerful then blue marvel is more powerful then tangent superman.I take issue with some of the other power ranking,but i am not so sure yet about the power levels,but this one i am more sure.

I repeat i could only go by feats and for king hyperion killing thor and Galactus is a major feat making him really powerful and if he defeated them and blue marvel defeated the most powerful version of hyperion ,this means blue marvel is clearly more powerful then thor,john stewart and Galactus

The Galactus in earth 4023 is has the same powers and power levels as earth 616 Galactusso even if it's a weaken Galactus that king hyperion killed that still is a major feat and that will still make blue marvel and king hyperion more powerful the john stewart.

So far there is no proof that it was a weaken Galactus.it could have been a normal powered one or a full powered one,but either case he was still killed by king hyperion.



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Hey erm sorry guys, but am I really gonna be the only guy here about to complain about the absence of a certain black panther????

P.s I think vixen should be higher up on this list

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What about Apocalypse. He's a black Supervillain and one of the most powerful as wel.

Some people would argue that he's not black, since he's from egypt, but the overtaking by Arabians didn't come till years later and the people of his time, the Badari, were of African descendant.

Plus Monica Rambeau is being lowballed here.

She may not be the most poweful physically, but with the exception of Tangent Superman, she is able to defeat everybody above her.

I don't know enough about Tangent Superman, but I do know that due her intangibility,reaction speed,invisibily,lightspeed travel, enery maniupulation/projection/absorption and ability to convert her body in any thinkable energyform possible(Gamma/Green Lantern Enrgy), she could take care of regular Superman.

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I think blue marvel then icon are powerful then john stewart.They should be second and third

Maxam maybe more powerful then monica.

Maxam i know is stronger then marvel's hercules.

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Curious but where is Black Manta in this list? He could take down a few at the bottom at least. Also was it me or was Black Panther missing?