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Go get 'em!

Atkins was once a revered soldier during the Vietnam War, so revered to the point that his superior once even stated that "no one hundred gooks could stand up to Atkins if he was buck naked in the middle of a field and had nothin' but a little bitty pen knife." So when his platoon came across a tunnel for an underground Vietnamese hideout, it was no surprise that Atkins was the one who volunteered to go down the tunnel and kill everyone inside. Making his way through the maze-like tunnels, Atkins managed to find some Vietnamese and quickly gunned them down. He questioned a survivor about where the rest of his comrades were, but the soldier only claimed that he and his comrades were "special", and "protected." Unsatisfied with his answer, Atkins snapped the soldier's neck and set to make his way out of the tunnel. Somehow though, Atkins instead found himself becoming increasingly lost in the tunnels until he finally tried to dig his way out. He then found himself in a strange cavern and was greeted by three Cenobites, who congratulated him for having solved the puzzle of the tunnel and told him that he was to come with them and meet Leviathan so he could be remade. Atkins didn't care though, and simply wanted to return to his platoon. Refusing to let him go, the Cenobites threatened to take Atkins by force, to which Atkins replied "Fine with me, fellas. I love a good fight."

Powers & Abilities

Bullets do very little.

As Hell's Armorer, Atkins has access to virtually any weapon imaginable. He's been shown to be able to summon weapons to himself, as well as make parts of himself turn into weapons. Empowered by Leviathan, his ammunition is limitless. He is also highly proficient in close-quarters-combat after years of military training and even more years as a Cenobite. Like all Cenobites, Atkins is virtually immortal, being able to shrug off bullet wounds and other serious injuries with ease, as well as being able to recover from his injuries just as easily. He generally makes use of high-caliber machine guns, a combat knife that he keeps on hand, and at times explosives.

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