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An actor obsessed.

Lon Chanley was once an actor famous for his realistic-looking masks. One night however he just couldn't figure out how to give himself the right mask for his role as Fagin in Oliver Twist. Despondent, Chanley wandered through the city the night before the performance, hoping to find inspiration for his mask. Just when he felt all hope was lost, he caught a glimpse of a man with the perfect face for Fagin. Chanley followed the man in the hope of studying his face in greater detail to make his mask. After the man went into a mannequin store however, there was a soundless explosion of light, and Chanley found the man lying dead on the ground with his face cut off and held up by a mannequin. In his desperation, Chanley took the face and used it as his mask for Fagin. His performance in Oliver Twist would become one of his most renowned yet.

Chanley's next role was the lead in a production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. He traveled to London and visited a freak show in order to find the perfect, misshapen face he'd need for Quasimodo. When he found someone with the face he needed, he killed him, made it look like an accident, and stole the man's face after he'd been buried. Filled with pride after his performance, Chanley proposed to the love of his life, only to find she was in love with another man. Deciding to kill two birds with one stone, Chanley was determined to make that man's face his next mask for his role as The Phantom of the Opera. He kidnapped the man and poured sulfuric acid on his face in order to make it hideous enough to be the Phantom. Before he could take the man's face however, the police arrived to apprehend Chanley. Chanley escaped however, as he was then taken by Pinhead to be remade into a Cenobite. And so Lon Chanley became Face, the skinless Cenobite who wears people's faces as masks.

Powers & Abilities

Comedy or tragedy?

As a Cenobite, Face possesses great strength, a heightened resistance to damage, proficiency in the dark arts, and is virtually immortal. Face can also control living people with his will, forcing them into a part of his own demented performance. He can fully control only one person at a time however. If necessary, he can also directly possess them, regardless of whether they're still living or dead.

Face has a large collection of human faces, which he wears only for aesthetic purposes. He also wears the skin of hands as gloves. He claims to have a face for every occasion.

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