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Move over Astonishing X-Men...there's a new club in town and their name is..."Hellfire." In this issue, after secretly lying in wait for months, they make their move!

Preparing herself after having just reduced Cyclops to a catatonic state, Emma rushes into the kitchen, informing Kitty, Logan and Piotr of his state, though not her role in it. As Kitty and Piotr take Scott to the infirmary, Logan goes to find Hank, discovering him cornered in his lab by Cassandra Nova. With her mental abilities, Cassandra reduces the Beast to his animalistic namesake, and Wolverine to a childlike state. Logan quickly becomes afraid of the Beast and runs for cover in the girl’s bathroom, where he finds Hisako and Blindfold. The Beast follows him there, but Hisako manages to use her powers to scare him away after which Logan uses the opportunity to flee the Institute, with the Beast in pursuit. Elsewhere, Ellie Phimister uses her abilities on Kitty to make her lose control of her phasing powers, sending her downward toward the Earth’s core, while Sebastian Shaw confronts Colossus in the infirmary. Colossus begins to beat Shaw, demanding to know what’s going on. However, Shaw merely takes the beating to absorb the kinetic energy, eventually expending it to knock Colossus out. Meanwhile, on SWORD’s space station, Agent Brand and her colleagues monitor the situation in the Institute via their mole. However, their information is incomplete on the cause of the attack. Elsewhere on the station, Danger approaches Ord of the Breakworld, who is still imprisoned. Danger informs Ord that not only are his people on the way… but the mutant destined to destroy his world has been found. Later, as the Hellfire Club reconvenes to discuss the status of their plan, Kitty Pryde has managed to stop her descent, in a cavern deep underground. Her thoughts composed, she tells the non-present, traitorous Emma Frost that she has made good moves so far, but now it’s her turn!

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