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Having just shot the White Queen, Scott Summers is attacked by Cassandra Nova. However, prepared for her, he shoots her as well with a smile. Elsewhere, Blindfold is confronted by the feral Beast, but she has been instructed on how to handle him, per a plan put into motion months before by Cyclops and the Beast himself: a ball of yarn. Elsewhere in the Institute, Danger and Ord of the Breakworld are met by both Hisako and a mentally-recovered Wolverine. Though both manage to hold their own, it is the mentally recovered Beast who defeats the two with a device he had constructed to use against Magneto. Moving down to seek out Scott, the trio meet up with Scott, Piotr & Hisako – as well as Kitty and Emma, whom Scott ordered Kitty to rescue from her makeshift prison below the Institute’s foundation. To their surprise, Scott informs them that they are not really facing the Hellfire Club, but manifestations of Emma’s telepathy, caused by a telepathic suggestion by Cassandra when she was imprisoned so long ago. As the X-Men discuss this, they are unaware that the still-mentally controlled Emma is telepathically downloading Cassandra Nova’s consciousness into the unwilling Hisako. Just as the transfer is complete – and just as Ord and Danger press their attack – all of the players are transported aboard a SWORD spacecraft, which begins to rocket toward the Breakworld. Left behind, the prophetic Blindfold informs a fellow student that not all of the X-Men will return…

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