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As the S.W.O.R.D. ship is under attack, a diversion rocket is launched. The X-Men and Agent Brand make their plans to reach the Breakworld surface. They will investigate whether the prophecy that Colossus will destroy their world is true and disarm the missle aimed at Earth.

Splitting into two teams, Wolverine, Kitty, Colossus, and Hisako take one shuttle as Agent Brand, Cyclops, Emma, and Beast take the other. The first one is hit. Wolverine orders Kitty to grab Peter and phase out. He then grabs Hisako and orders her to armor up as the shuttle falls to pieces.

Colossus takes the brunt of the impact, protecting Kitty. Hisako's armor protected her but Wolverine needs lots of time for his face to heal. Hisako doesn't believe she belongs there with the X-Men. Wolverine tells her he wants her on the team. She then decides to take the code name, Armor.

Agent Brand and her team of X-Men make their way to the tomb that supposedly contains the prophecy and discover an image that confirms it.

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