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Zod Gameplay Trailer for 'Injustice: Gods Among Us'


Remember all of the times people were ranting he'd be nothing more than a Superman clone? Ha! Sure, General Zod has the same powers, but his moves are completely different. NetherRealm Studios clearly went above and beyond to give the character a unique feel and it certainly shows in this video. And then there's his super move. Man, it's like, "What if Doomsday and Superman's absurd super moves had a baby?" Check out General Zod vs.Superman below and share your thoughts!

The fourth and final DLC character in the first season pass will be available for download on July 2. Keep in mind, NetherRealm has confirmed they'll release at least one more DLC character. Also announced, Warner Bros. will release a Man of Steel Superman skin in July.

Does this mean we could also get one for Zod or even Batman? Only time will tell.

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Posted by ccraft

@ccraft said:

@avenging_x_bolt: If it was Henry Cavill voiced the skin then it would be worth $5, but if not it should be $0.99...

id never pay 5 bucks for a single skin even if they got Henry Cavill.

heck someone paid ($130 I believe) for a Arrow skin lol

It wasn't me lmao, I was one of those people who voted and won the skin, but never got it.

Posted by ravisher

must buy because zod

Edited by kid Apollo

@ccraft: i started off using cyborg, i like that hes a brawler type but has some cannon attacks. after beating the campaign ive stuck with Lex for a long time. his battle axe is devastating

Posted by ccraft

@kid_apollo: I haven't tried to main Cyborg yet, he has an interesting move set though.

I really like Lex Luthor, he has great set up, like the electric land mines, those floating orbs, and his force field. His force field is useless against zoners though. I really wish they would have added a machine gun on his back lol that would make him top tier for sure!

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Posted by anthonygiu

Kneel before Awesomeness....

The look...not so much.

Posted by Hashbrowns

They should add a special finishing move where Superman snaps Zod's neck.

Posted by BumBurger

0:38 is why zod is better xD

Posted by YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

They should release the Classic skin for Zod (without the armor), and a Man of Steel skin for Zod (with the armor). Or maybe after the first health bar depletes the armor falls off.

I absolutely love the gameplay of Zod though. Might buy him.

Posted by Chibio

He seems to be a setup character, just like Lex Luthor. Too bad, I was actually hoping for a zoner, since I prefer that playstyle over the others. I'll skip Zod and wait for Red Hood, who will hopefully make it in and be a zoner.

Edited by GreenLanternJHH

kneel before zod

Edited by cdw101

bad ass stance and gameplay! just a shame that the costume doesn't rock so much but heres hoping for a skin!

Posted by ScreamingGhost

At least the design is better then the Man of Steel Design.

Posted by evilvegeta74

mediocre at best

Posted by Switchdoctor

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