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Awesome Art Picks: Batman, Judge Dredd, Catwoman and More

The coolest art of the week that you won't see in comic books.

It's time once again to check out some of the coolest comic art on the internet that you won't see in actual books. The reason is artists often draw sketches for commissions or for fun on their personal blogs and Tumblr accounts. It gives them a chance to draw characters they want to and may not normally get the chance on their assigned books.

Let's start off with a little holiday cheer, courtesy of Dustin Nguyen. The first is a holiday Batman pic he did for a private commission posted on his Tumblr.

If that wasn't enough, how about little Robin to bring in the holiday season?

== TEASER ==

Todd Nauck reminisced a little over the first issue of X-Factor he read. Check out his version of Jean Grey, Iceman and Beast posted on his Tumblr.

Who's the law? Judge Dredd is. And Francesco Francavilla is breaking the law with how great these renditions are posted over at Comic Twart. It's great seeing the penciled and finished versions of his second piece.

We talked a little about John Byrne on the podcast yesterday. Kind of funny since I found these two sketches on his message boards this week. The first is a classic tweak on the second generation of X-Men. And the second is an alternate reality of Fantastic Four meets X-Men.

When's the next issue of Ultimate Spider-Man. It feels like we were getting them on a less-than-monthly schedule and now maybe they're getting back on a normal schedule. Here's a sketch of Miles Morales Chris Samnee posted on Twitter.

Where's Big Barda in the 'New 52'? We know Darkseid is coming so perhaps we'll see her soon. For now, here's Peter Nguyen's version posted on his Tumblr.

Joel Gomez did these great Superboy pages "for a writer" and posted them on his Tumblr. Would I want to see more? Heck yeah!

Joel was also inspired after seeing commercials for Golden Eye Reloaded and drew this pic of Jaws with a reflection of James Bond on his metallic teeth.

I discovered Dan McDaid's blog this week and check out his versions of the Doctor, the Future Foundation and Harley Quinn.

Tom Raney updated his Deviant Art page with these sketches of Mr. Freeze and the Shade (doesn't Mr. Freeze

How about some more Batman? Here's a cool pic from Jock on his website I had to include here.

And can you really have Batman without Catwoman? Yeah, you can but what's the fun in that? Here's one by Rafael Albuquerque posted on his Deviant Art page.

You might have seen these earlier this week. Imagine if comic book covers were like animated gifs. These (and a couple others) are from Kerry Callen's blog.

That's it for this week. Be sure to check back for the next installment of Awesome Art Picks.

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Posted by Daveyo520

Awwww Victor looks so sad.

Posted by Illuminatus
@Daveyo520 said:

Awwww Victor looks so sad.

He just finished his first viewing of Batman & Robin. Comfort him.
Posted by Daveyo520

@Illuminatus: And Tony making the same puns isn't helping.

Posted by Illuminatus
@Daveyo520 said:

@Illuminatus: And Tony making the same puns isn't helping.

Posted by ARMIV2 save!

Posted by Hector

Those animated book covers are great!

Posted by InnerVenom123

I love the moving cover of Spidey so much.

Posted by blur1528

That's not Damian... that's Tim. And Dustin never stated that it was Damian.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Jock doing Batman is AWESOME. And that foe that Dredd is punching out..the weapon looks all too similar to the I-Gore that Grotesk uses!

Posted by pikahyper

That second Dredd is awesome, would love to see Francavilla do a Dredd series.

That Shade is sinfully wicked, love it.

Posted by AwesomeAquaman

Aw. I miss Big Barda.

Posted by thechessclub

That Dredd stuff is sick!! The Freeze is great too. Also that Jock image is the cover for Batman V1 #650. Just fyi=]

Posted by feebadger

Can't tell you how much i love those gif covers. But Dan McDaid's art absolutely blew me away. It's like the best elements of the original Mad artists brought into the present. Wow (and that's the second wow in a row for consecutive Awesome Art Picks. Great work!).

Posted by Sir_Deadpool

if they are not cool i do not kno what is cool!

Posted by Billy Batson


Posted by ComicMan24

The gifs were nice. Too bad this can't happen yet.

Posted by Baddamdog


Posted by Ultimate_MiracleMan

Jocks batman and catwoman are so sick. And the gifs are awesome

Posted by Or35ti

Those Superboy pages are amazing! He should be doing the new book with Scott Lobdell!

Posted by BritishMonkey

i think the mr. freeze one looks a little... bitter

but i always like these, kinda envious of the artists

Posted by sdunham818

The animated GIFs are awesome! It's one of those ideas the make you palm slap your face and ask why I didn't think of that!!

Posted by NyxEquitis

Cool GIF covers.

Posted by hammers_of_justice

Outstanding .GIF's

Posted by Miss_Garrick

Many great pieces!

Posted by The Impersonator

Awesome art pieces!

Posted by victoriancuckoo

these are great, love the detailing, particularly Superboy!

Posted by dcfox

It's 2011! Where the hell are my jet packs, flying cars and cool animated comic book covers?

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

Those gifs are really cool.

Posted by Mutant X

All of Todd Nauck's drawing's have the same pose, with their heads tilted to the right. Love the .gif's!

Posted by guardiandevil801

awesome art!!!

Posted by fables87

The last two are pretty cool to make them move like that.

Edited by TheOptimist

The Tom Raney pieces are really sweet, I need to explore more of his work...

The Albaquerque Catwoman is probably my favorite of the week...

But the GIFs are such a cool concept that we should see more takes on them... old and new. Heck, with the digitals as they are, how about some animated covers, companies?

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

There were some great artwork this week. My favorite was the Damian christmas picture, Iceman picture, and the Superboy pictures.

Posted by shawn87

Love the Big Barda, Mr. Freeze, Shade and Catwoman

Posted by krilling

Just love Byrne's X-Men..

Posted by maxicere

I love this animated covers!!

Posted by RichyRich

That Superboy art is much better than the current art int the book. I want him to take over for R.B. Silva.

Posted by damswedon
Posted by SuperDoahBoy

I really like the Mr. Freeze looks like life-like, and the animated gifs are pretty cool.

Posted by Bestostero

Holiday pictures :)

Posted by mikeclark1982

more gifs! those were kinda EPIC!

Posted by DoomDoomDoom

Why is Thing wearing the helmet of Nabu

Posted by AirDave817


Posted by difficlus

Love the catwoman and gif covers!!

Posted by treysome

awesome please keep finding the Jean art

Posted by kadosho_16bit

Great collection this week! Noticed a lot of artists taking up the classic 60's style again. I like it!

Surprised that Barta could get a new suit again. Seems like every time we see her, wardrobe change.

Posted by AlKusanagi

"doesn't Mr. Freeze"

Icee what you did...

Posted by TheSavageAssasin

That shade picture is too sweet.

Posted by thecomicscove

I really like the .gifs! Also the Catwoman and Mr. Freeze. :)

Posted by dylanbaldwin19

Im such a bad drawer, but I really want to make my own comics! That's why it's really awesome to see what people can make come alive on paper, where my creations fall flat, dead at birth. My favorites are FF/X Men and the superbly comic thing. THOSE ARE SO COOL!

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