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  1. Cover by Neal Adams and Dick Giordano.
  2. "Superman Bodyguard or Assassin?" written by Cary Bates, penciled by Curt Swan and inked by Murphy Anderson.
  3. "The Red Dust Bandit!" "The Return of a Man and his Motorcycle" reprinted from Action Comics #192.
  4. "The Haunted Island!" "From the Files of the Sovereign of the Seas" reprinted from Adventure Comics #206.
  5. "The Most Dangerous Bug In the World?" written by Cary Bates, penciled by Curt Swan and inked by Murphy Anderson. "A Secret Chapter in the Life of Clark Kent"

"Superman Bodyguard or Assassin?"

This story is set some years in the future! What you see on these pages may never happen, but, then, it might! And if that dark day ever comes, one burning question will sear through the president's mind... Superman Bodyguard or Assassin?

The president receives a death threat from a mysterious villain named Marsepun (a thinly disguised anagram of Superman). Superman takes the president to his secret base where he secrets himself in an underground bunker. However, Marsepun seems able to overcome all the security devices and breaks into the bunker...or so it seems. In fact, Marsepun doesn't actually exist and the whole scheme was fabricated by the president's aide, General Trevis, who is an agent of Gemini. Superman foiled the plot by taking the president to his fortress and then impersonating him.

"The Red Dust Bandit!"

The famed rider of the purple sage stood helplessly by as the thief went on a looting spree. For, to expose the Western fraud meant a sure end to Vigilante -- and to conceal the truth meant a reign of terror by... The Red Dust Bandit!

"The Haunted Island!"

Aquaman's idea of a baseball game on the sea was unique, and the kids all loved it! But not even the sea sovereign suspected that an uninvited player would join the game in the shape of a sea monster that dwelt in the dark waters near... "The Haunted Island!"

"The Most Dangerous Bug in the World?"

After years of painstaking strategies and precautions is Superman's previous secret identity about to be exposed by a freak of chance? Or can he avoid... The Most Dangerous Bug In The World?

An inventor develops a bugging device able to transmit thousands of miles and at random plants the bug on Clark Kent. As Superman, he handles an alien craft from an anti-matter galaxy about to collide with earth. The sounds transmitted from the bug convince the inventor he has discovered Superman's secret identity. Superman handles the problem by convincing everyone that he was watching a film of Superman's deeds at the time.

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