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One of the survivors ran out to find his girlfriend. He arrives back to the others, wounded by the claws of one of the vampires. He is rapidly changing, dying inside. Before they know what to do he has completely turned and is attacking them wildly. Before he has the chance to escape, Eben splits his head open with an axe. He pulls a syringe out of the medical kit he salvaged, and draws blood from the vampires neck as he dies, not yet knowing what he plans to do with it.

It is at this time that Taylor Ali arrives in Barrow. Flying over the town, his camera captures footage of the vampires below. Vicente sees him, jumps off the side of a building, and lunges at the helicopter. Vicente kills Taylor and brings the plane down, crashing into the snow. Moments before the crash a dying Taylor hits send on his laptop, sending the footage back to his mother. Now Vicente has a scapegoat to blame the carnage in Barrow on.

Outside, Vicente is destroying the town and setting everything ablaze. Knowing that they will soon be discovered (or die of the cold if not discovered), Eben injects himself with the tainted blood in hopes of saving his wife. Eben changes quickly, dying in Stella's arms. He tells her that he can smell her blood, which startles her. Eben rushes out the door, fearing that he may hurt her.

In the streets the now un-dead Eben calls out Vicente who is about to feed on two children they just found. Eben rushes for Vicente, but after hundreds of years of experience Vicente is too fast and strong. Vicente catches him by the neck in mid-air and hurls him up against a building. Beginning to come into his new abilities, Eben is able to gain the upper hand in the fight against the vampire lord. Surviving members of the town gain new hope and leave their hiding places as Eben slashes at Vicente. Vicente lunges at Eben one final time, mouth open and talons out, and Eben sends a fist through Vicente's mouth and out the back of his head. Afraid, the vampires retreat away from the town. Stella realizes that the sun will be up in another day, and what that means for Eben.

The next morning Eben and Stella sit where they watched the sunset 30 days earlier, waiting for the sun to rise again. As the sun rises Eben is left a pile of clothing and char, with a crying Stella sitting next to his remains.

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