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Rogue dreams of being chased by dinosaurs in an unknown land. she is frightened, the dreams are too alien for her mind to comprehend. She wakes up from her nightmare and finds Beast standing behind her. Beast tries to comfort her, suggesting that she take some rest.

Rogue has been having these dreams for quite some time now. She had explained them to the X-Men earlier, and right now, they are heading towards the coordinates that best match her description. Thunderbird doesn't believe in the existence of dinosaurs, but Storm says that they have no reason, not to believe either. Bishop isn't entirely convinced. He says that Rogue has absorbed many people's powers and memories till now, but there might be a chance, that one of them has backfired.

All the while, Rogue still continues having those nightmares. Inside her mind, it is literally a war raging on. She sees herself surrounded by numerous foes and by few allies. She trembles in fear, as she recalls someone saying that her's is the greatest power of all.

As the X-team arrive over Argentina, Sage picks up militia activity. Rogue forces Beast to drop below radar level and then herself jumps out of the aircraft. She streaks right into the heart of the militia and sends them panicking, along with a little help from Storm. Sage asks Rogue to be careful, as she detects multiple life forms on her radar. Rogue stops in horror to see something strange before her. As the rest of the team come out of the Blackbird, Rogue tells them to be calm. They find themselves facing a group of Saurids. Rogue tells them that the Saurids are refugees from the Badlands. Rogue suggests that they should return them to their own place.

As the Saurids and the X-Men board the Blackbird, they make their way through the underground Drake Passage. Bishop clears the way, as Sage carefully drives the aircraft through the rock walls. A Saurid commander, Khadar is worried about a waterfall dead ahead of them. Storm and Thunderbird go to check it out. Thunderbird confirms that the waterfall is flowing directly from the ocean above them. He adds that a cave-in could fill the whole passage with water.

Elsewhere, Brainchild monitors the group's progress with keen interest, murmuring that he has certain plans for them. With that, he orders the waterfall to cause a cave-in.

The X-Men and the Saurids watch in horror as the ocean bed opens above them...

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