stormtrance1618's Wolverine & the X-Men #4 - Just Another Day in Westchester County review

Future History 101

In it's first week, the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning has been destroyed and rebuilt. Wolverine reveals to Kitty and Beast that by day, he is the school's Headmaster. But by night, he's the Wolverine everyone knows working with X-Factor and getting the job done by ANY means possible. Meanwhile, classes continue at the school. Genesis, who looks really familiar, and Angel, Warren Worthington, have been enrolled as new students. And in Future History 101, human cyborg Deathlok reveals what the future may hold for these students.

It seems that writer Jason Aaron isn't ever gonna disappoint. He continues to bring the great dialogue and character development we've come to expect. A majority of the issue takes place in one class and it's very intriguing. The crazy banter between the students is simply hysterical. Adding Angel and Genesis to the cast may seem to add to a cast already to big but they are interesting enough to make you glad they are hear. And the vision into the future we get is not only exciting but horrifying at the same time.

Nick Bradshaw takes over the drawing duties from Chris Bachalo. It's drastically different. Once again, it's different and unique. And again, I didn't like it at first. But it's grown on me. Sure, sometimes the characters and their bodies look oddly shape but its a nice look. If Bachalo and Bradshaw are gonna alternate drawing, I'm ok with that although I prefer Bachalo.

This again was another great issue. Lots of fun, character development, and a sense of things to come make this one ot the top comics in 2012 to watch!

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