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Death Is At Hand 0

Black Hand has retrieved the Black Book and gathered his army of the dead (and his walking dead family as well). However, when Green Lanterns Sinestro and Hal Jordan appear, it's a battle to the death. The Book has some more shocking prophecies and the Guardians appear ready to unleash their plans of the Third Army.Geoff Johns continues to deliver on his amazing epic sci-fi Green Lantern. Hal and Sinestro both do some great things that add to the continuing great character development. It appear...

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Can't Keep a Black Hand Down 0

Sinestro, currently a member of the Green Lantern Corps, and Hal Jordan, a former Corps member now powered by Sinestro's ring, have finally discovered the secret of the Indigo Tribe. However, Black Hand has managed to escape and Hal and Sinestro must work together again to track him down. But what is Black Hand's true purpose?Geoff Johns has finally said what he wanted to say about the Indigo Tribe and now leads us into a small scale sequel to Blackest Night. Green Lantern fans have long wondere...

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I Want to Believe 0

With the Indigo Power Battery destroyed, the Indigo Tribe members return to their evil criminal ways of past. On the run from the angry mob, Hal Jordan and Sinestro must work together to escape with their lives. Meanwhile, Black Hand also tries to escape.As for action and story, this arc isn't one of the best in the Green Lantern universe. There wasn't much involved with the Indigo Tribe other than revealing their secrets and history. However, Geoff Johns totally nails it when it comes to charac...

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Indigo Revealed 0

Sinestro is a member of the Indigo Tribe and is ready to apologize to Hal Jordad. The tribe, having converted Sinestro, is now ready to send Hal on his way. However, Hal isn't leaving with Sinestro. So he goes on a mission to located the Central Lantern Battery and maybe find the truth about this mysterious tribe.Geoff Johns purposely titled this arc 'The Secret of the Indigo Tribe'. Finally, after all this time, many questions are answered. Johns finally delivers what you want to know even thou...

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Who Needs a Power Battery? 0

Sinestro and Hal have been captured and imprisoned by the Indigo Tribe. Sinestro tries to fight off getting converted into being a member of the Indigo Tribe while Hal tries to find a way to escape though he is powerless. Meanwhile, Black Hand shows up to reveal some new mysteries.Geoff Johns apparently will never cease to amaze me when it comes to the Green Lantern universe. He nails it once again and manages to make Green Lantern feel like it did during Blackest Night. While he slowly reveals ...

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Nok 0

Sinestro has recovered the Book of the Black and has seen it's prophecies. Let's just say the future doesn't look good for Sinestro, Hal Jordan, and the entire Green Lantern Corps. Sinestro must convince Hal to help him and Hal is unconvinced even though his ring is still powered by Sinestro. Just when Sinestro begins to explain the future to Hal, the Indigo Tribe shows up with force.Holy crap, it's great to have Doug Mahnke back. He only had a one issue break from doing the art but because last...

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Wolverine and Angel are trying to secure money from Angel's own Worthington Industries to help keep the Jean Grey School open. Meanwhile, Beast takes the students on the most unique field trip ever. And Kitty, well she's got some real trouble brewing.Five issues in and you'd expect the series to drop at least a little in expectations this far in. Not the case for Jason Aaron. He continues to impress and entertain with each issue. The comic continues to make me laugh out loud, keep me entertained...

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"Hal Jordan... Damn Him!" 0

Hal Jordan appears to be getting used to not being a Green Lantern as he lives a normal ordinary life with his girl friend Carol Ferris. Meanwhile, Sinestro recruits his old nemesis Starstorm to help him look for Lyssa Dark, the keeper of the Black Book.This isn't a bad issue. It's just not a great issue. It's sole purpose is to be filler into the next big story line with hints at what's in store. It's nice seeing Hal not needing to be a Green Lantern and it is also fun to see Sinestro being a G...

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A-Maze-Ing! 0

Batman remained skeptical of the Court of Owls, but he is captured and put into a maze. Lost in the maze, lost in the head, beaten down and broken, this is Batman like we have never seen him before.Scott Snyder's Batman series is just about everything a fan of Batman wants. This is the best Batman series there is and it just continues to get better. There's really no plot and no advancement of the story. That's okay. This is a look into Batman that we've never seen before. Batman has been broken...

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Future History 101 0

In it's first week, the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning has been destroyed and rebuilt. Wolverine reveals to Kitty and Beast that by day, he is the school's Headmaster. But by night, he's the Wolverine everyone knows working with X-Factor and getting the job done by ANY means possible. Meanwhile, classes continue at the school. Genesis, who looks really familiar, and Angel, Warren Worthington, have been enrolled as new students. And in Future History 101, human cyborg Deathlok reveals what ...

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"Professor Wolverine... I'll be damned." 0

So it turn's out that Beast built the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning on top of the living island known as Krakoa. Turns out, no one can stop him. No one but the mutant rebel without a cause, Quentin Quire aka Kid Omega! He decides to try to stop Krakoa because if he's gonna be miserable at this school, then so is everyone else. But whether or not he can stop Krakoa isn't important. The fact that none of the other students know who Kid Omega is what is really driving him crazy.The first stor...

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Ice Ice Baby! 0

Wolverine and the X-Men continues to amaze me. The hilarity, quirkiness, and craziness continues!The first day of classes for the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning has been a disaster. The crazy and unique school and it's even crazier and more unique faculty and students have convinced the State Education employees to go back to their department and shut down the school. But then, the new and younger Hellfire Club shows up. They have vowed to destroy the school and they are proving to do so by...

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X-Men Meets Hogwarts 0

Writer Jason Aaron and artist Chris Bachald bring you a new series called Wolverine and the X-Men. There's only one way to describe this comic: awesome fun!The effects of Schism has split the X-Men into two groups. Cyclops' faction on Utopia and Wolverine's faction at Xavier's old school. In fact, Wolverine has decided to open a new school, The Jean Grey School For Higher Learning. Wolverine as Headmaster doesn't sound like it will work, but he's brought some friends to help him: Headmistress Ki...

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Greenage! 0

"I do not deserve your praise or your trust, little ones."'Sinestro', the first Green Lantern story line since the New 52 started, finally concludes. Sinestro finally convinces the Korugarians to help him. Sinestro apparently always has more than one plan of action when preparing for something. While he, the Korugarians, and Hal are locked inside a cell, Sinestro's lantern isn't. He uses it to escape and together they destroy the Sinestro Yellow Corps.Once again, another fine issue. More great c...

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Goin Green 0

Worry not Green Lanterns. Hal Jordan is not dead. He survives going inside the Yellow Lantern Battery but his mission fails. He and Sinestro are captured. Hal, with just a little power left, decides to create one last construct of his long time love Carol Ferris. As he looks at her and loses his power, he says he's sorry. Meanwhile, Sinestro is being tortured and the Yellow Corps can't seem to be able to destroy or remove the ring. He's thrown into a cell with other Korugarians and has to defend...

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Green Trust 0

Perfection, my friends, continues. Nothing I write or say can describe how I love this series and just how perfect it is. Could it be? Is Sinestro, the renegade traitor Green Lantern, actually the most powerful and greatest Green Lantern of all time?Sinestro explains why he comes to Hal Jordan for help. Because he trusts him. And he knows exactly how to get him to agree to help him. Because Hal always tries to do the right thing... and he wants a ring back. Hal agrees and Sinestro explains his p...

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Green With Envy 0

Hal is miserable and lost without his Green Lantern ring. Sinestro is using it to save his home planet Korugar and discovering new powers in the process. He creates a new ring himself for Hal and gives it to him. But it comes with a price. It can't harm Sinestro and Sinestro can shut it off whenever he wants. Hal is basically Sinestros' own Green Lantern. So why would Sinestro give Hal a ring? He wants help in return of course.Folks, it just simply doesn't get any better than this. Sure, there i...

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It Ain't Easy Bein Green 0

I have to preface this review with a quick message. I'm an unbiased Green Lantern geek thanks to Geoff Johns. If you haven't read any of what was happening before The Flashpoint, I plead and beg that you collect the Green Lantern Trade Paperbacks and read those before starting this series. My recommendations are to read Green Lantern: Secret Origin, Rebirth, The Sinestro Corps War, Agent Orange, Rage of the Red Lanterns, Blackest Night, Blackest Night: Green Lantern, Blackest Night: Green Lanter...

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Occupy Joker 0

See that cool cover? Tony Daniel does the cover, just as he has done for all the previous issues, as well as doing the writing and drawing duties. But man, that's a cool cover. Penguin kinda looks like Danny DeVito's the Penguin mixed with the 60's Penguin. He looks cool. And that cover tag line? "Batman... Penguin... Only One Controls Gotham!" Sounds and looks awesome right. Yeah, well, it's NOT!Seriously, this comic isn't worth the $2.99 price tag. It's not even worth half that. It's definitel...

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Attack of the Jokers 0

Tony S. Daniel wraps up the Doll Maker story line by once again drawing and writing issue four of Detective Comics. Batman wakes up to find himself strung up like a puppet facing a bunch of stitched up Joker puppets on strings. Whoever is paying for Batman to be their trophy wants him to put on a show first. Olivia, the little girl, appears to to go to the dark side all the while helping Commissioner Gordon. The Penguin sends a messenger to the Doll Maker to announce he will double the pay to ha...

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The Doll Maker 0

Tony S. Daniel continues his great work of writing and drawing Detective Comics with issue three. Picking up immediately where issue two left off, Batman is captured by the Doll Maker and his deranged family and standing over the body of Jim Gordon, who has several different victims skin stitched together onto his. Batman quickly picks up that the body before him is clearly not his friend Gordon and the Doll Maker confirms that but says he is captured. And that soon, Batman would be his next vic...

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Play Boy 0

Tony S. Daniel once again writes and draws Detective Comics issue two. The story picks up where the last issue ended. Someone helped Joker escape Arkham Asylum, however he's missing his face as it was nailed to the wall. Batman and Gordon are tracking down "the uncle" who has taken the little girl, Olivia, from the hospital. He is Ray Quimby, a criminal who helped a serial killer named Wesley Mathis, who like the current serial killer in Gotham mutilated bodies and took organs. They don't believ...

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Face Off! 0

Tony S. Daniel both writes and draws the first issue of DC's New 52 relaunch of Detective Comics. It's clear from both of Tony's duties that he's a big fan of the Batman. Batman is hunting the Joker, curious as to why many of his acquaintances are being murdered. And not just murdered, but bodies being mutilated, organs removed, and even the removal of some of their faces. Batman tracks the Joker down, but he doesn't find any answers. When he finds the Joker, he is naked and brutally stabbing a ...

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