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Wallow as a human

Wallow started out as a human. He was a man that killed his wife and later tried to kill himself by jumping off a building with both of his children, Melissa and Micheal. Before he can jump the cops stop him but he gets shot. The Police save the kids but the man dies with his daughter's doll falling with him. Years later the man comes back as the ghost Wallow. He tries to get his kids to kill themselves so that they can be with him in the after life. He almost kills Melissa but Ghost Rider brings her to a hospital. He then goes to kill Micheal but is stopped by Ghost Rider only to go finish the job with Melissa.

Wallow as a ghost

However he fails and has a blade jammed into his face and the Ghost Rider gives his the penance stare and sends him back to hell. But Wallow ends up meeting Blackheart and joins his Spirits of Vengence.

Wallow with the Spirits of Vengance

He was also present a Ghost Rider's wedding with Pao Fu and Black Rose which later ended in Blackheart's defeat and Ghost Riders ruler of Hell. During his rule he said he would free all the demons only to never do wrong which upset many including Wallow. As of now he was not been seen and is either out wandering Earth or still in Hell.

Other Media


Wallow played by Daniel Frederiksen

In the film Wallow is different from the comic version. He does work along side with Blackheart but his origin is different. He was one of the Hidden which were fallen angels that hide in the elements until the end of days rather then being a host of a suicide. Also he has the power to turn into water and looks more human then in his comic version. He meets his fate when Ghost Rider burns him alive in a lake.

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