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Girl tries to commit suicide but is about to back out in the last minute until an odd small faced being named Wallow pushs her off the building.

Meanwhile Ghost Rider attacks a thug that attacked three old woman. He is about to punish him until he stumbles on the girl who feel. She is barly alive. He brings her to a hospital in the Bronx. Meanwhile Wallow is in the hospital spreading thoughts of suicide in people's minds.

Else where ghost Rider is thinking if he should take complete control of his body and leave Daniel Ketch behind.

Meanwhile Wallow goes after a boy who turns out to be his son. He tries to push him off a building but the boy manages to escape into a window. He then encounters Wallow outside a church only to fight Ghost Rider. He leaves the fight only to go after the girl he tried to kill before which turned out to be his daughter.

Ghost Rider Arrives at the hospital the find Wallow who was stabbed in the face by his daughter. Ghost Rider then finishs him off by giving him the penance stare. He burns to ashes and Ghost Rider flees the hospital into the night.

Meanwhile in Hell, Blackheart brings Wallow to himself offering him a deal.

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