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Valerie Page's Origin   

 Valerie went to a all girls grammar school, whilst their she met her first girlfriend Sara, despite the fact that Sara out grew being a lesbian Valerie did not much to her Mothers dismay, she later became a actress staring in a film called The Salt Flats, during shooting Valerie met and fell in love with Ruth, they lived together for three years at witch point the Norsefire regime came to power in the aftermath of the United States and Soviet Union's nuclear war, the government started instigating fascist policies like rounding up the "undesirables" political dissidents, Jews, Muslims, black people, and homosexuals,

Camp Larkhill   

 One day Ruth was taken by the secret police called the Finger whilst shopping for food, under interrogation involving torture she gave up her girlfriend Valerie, who was swithy apprehandid and taken to the Larkhill resettlement camp, where they shaved her hair and forced her to be a test subject for the drug "batch 5", the compound caused vast painful cellular anomalies and eventually death, in her cell with a pencil she smuggled in and a roll of toilet paper wrote her autobiography, witch she past through a hole in the wall to the neighboring cell were V was being held captive, inspiring him with her story,   


The hoax   

 In a elaborate hoax staged by V, Evey Hammond is put through a similar process and is given Valerie Page's biography, which inspired her as well,

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