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As a child Evey grew up on Shooters Hill in south-east London, her mother died following a nuclear war in the early 1980s, and her father was arrested and executed by the Norsefire, the fascist dictatorship that seized power during the war's aftermath, because of his socialist political leanings. Sent to live in a youth hostel, she is forced to work packing matches into boxes for shipment, and later worked at a munitions factory.



She would later meet the freedom fighter V who saved her from being raped by "Fingermen" while working as a prostitue. After letting her watch him destroy the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben V soon allows her to live in his home/headquarters called the Shadow Gallery. Evey trusts V and confinds in him the stroy of her parents and wants to repay his kindness by helping him in his vendetta. V has her dress up as a young girl and sends her to distract Anthony James Lilliman, a paedophile bishop whom he has targeted for his vendetta. Evey is guilt stricken over her help in the bishop's murder, and realizes that V is far more sinister and violent than she once thought.

Evey is abandoned by V and is left on the streets when she meets a man named Gordon Deitrich. He is a criminal and the two soon become lovers, but he was killed by a Scottish gangster named Alistair Harper. She attempts to take revenge, but is arrested by the Police due to the fact that Harper was going to see his partner Commander Peter Creedy of the Finger. She is arrested and tortued due to her connection to V. However Evey finds a letter written by a inmate of the cell next to her's named Valerie Page and the letter is the story of Valerie's life, from her first love to her film career to her imprisonment for being a lesbian. This letter inspires her to stan her tortued and not reveal any information on V. Evey is surprisingly set free and finds that it was all and illusion created by V to strengthen Evey. She tells him that the stroy was real and that it was given to him by Valerie when he was imprisoned in Larkhill

After V gaisn his revenge V is mortally wounded when he allows Detective Eric Finch, the head of London's police force, to shoot him numerous times. V dies in Evey's arms and she continues his work by giving him a Viking Funeral and blowing up 10 Downing Street. She dons his Guy Fawkes mask and saves Sergeant Dominic Stone from an angry mob and brings him to the Shadow Gallery to train him as her pupil as she is the new V.


Evey is portrayed by Natalie Portman in the 2006 film adaptation. Evey is not a would-be prostitute, but she is still caught by a fingerman during the city curfew. She is older, more independent and free-thinking than in the graphic novel.

In the film, she has an older brother who is killed by a virus that was secretly developed by the government and first tested on V's fellow inmates at Larkhill. Her parents become political activists and participate in anti-government protests. The Hammonds are arrested by the Fingermen and die in Belmarsh prison, Evey's mother starves to death during a hunger strike, while her father is shot by British soldiers during an assault on the prison. Evey's last memory of her mother is of watching her head being covered by a black bag as she is dragged away. Suddenly orphaned, Evey is sent to a child reclamation camp and is working for the British Television Network when the film begins.

Evey does form a relationship with Deitrich who is a popular talk show host and acquaintance of hers at the network, aren't lovers, because inthe film he is homosexual. In the graphic novel, V abandons Evey after he kills Lilliman; in this version, she runs away from him. Evey is abducted by V when Party Leader Peter Creedy raids Deitrich's home and captures him; V gets to her before Creedy does. The ensuing sequences involving the torture Evey undergoes and the inspiration she finds in Valerie's letters, are taken from the graphic novel.

She doesn't become V after his death, but she does grant him his final wish and give him a Viking funeral in a train car filled with explosives. Like the graphic novel, London's chief of police, Inspector Eric Finch, discovers her. However, unlike the graphic novel, Peter Creedy and his have already mortally wounded V, and he is dead by the time Finch finds them. Finch's hatred for the government overpowers him and he lets her pull the lever triggering the explosives. Evey and Finch then watch as Parliament is destroyed by V's funeral car, ending Norsefire's oppressive reign over England.

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