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The Trump is here!!

Carlton Sanders better known as the Trump was a magician and kidshow host moonlighting as a heist man. He busted out of Tulsa State prison where he was suppose to spend time for grand theft and murder. The Trump and his small gang came into conflict with Daredevil when he planned to steal a shipment of guns. The initial heist was foiled by Daredevil but Trump managed to escape. The Trump and his crew decided to hit the mob's armory for weapons after his first heist failed. He tricked members of the mob into loading the weapons into a truck when he disguised himself as one of the mobsters. Daredevil intervened and took down the Trump after a vicious fight.


Trump was created by Steven Grant and Geof Isherwood in 1984 and first appeared in Daredevil # 203.

Story Arcs

Sometime later, the Trump would appear at the Mostly Magic club and do an impromptu performance while Steve Rogers and Rachel Leighton are on a date. Her girlfriend, Black Mamba uses her darkforce powers to take him out of play in order to ensure those two have a great date and to exact some revenge on the Trump for leaving her with the check on their first date. The Trump would also appear at an AIM Weapons Expo with numerous super criminals but the Expo is taken down by SHIELD, Captain America, Falcon, Shang-Chi and Diamondback.

Powers & Abilities

Trump is one tricky fighter.

The Trump uses stage magic to commit crimes. His suit and gloves have a variety of tricks and weapons at his disposal. He has pulled out a pistol from mid-air, can shoot playing cards from his gloves for distraction purposes as well as ribbons to entangle his enemies. He can also disappear behind his cape and can emit a blinding light from his gloves. He also carries a cane as a weapon that can shoot concussion pellets. He learned how to brawl and fight in prison and was also a two-time prison bridge champ.

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