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Initially, Thunderfox was a comic book character with her own series. Nightveil of FemForce used her magic to make Thunderfox real. Since that time, Thunderfox first lives with her penciler, Nelson. It turns out that she has enormous talent in drawing and she's super fast to draw. She took a few hours to drawing what would have taken a few weeks for Nelson.  She learns every day what real life is: getting her hands dirty, manage relationships, buying things...  

Nelson, who seems to be her lover, helped her a lot in her adaptation. He was the first to see her without a mask, to her natural state. He
In Nelson's clothes
offered her to find a name and gave her temporary clothes to go buying her own clothes at the mall -she did not pass unnoticed in her superhero suit. 
Thunderfox, a redhead girl with blue eyes, is physically developed enough. More muscular than her penciler lover, she has a body that is the envy of a saleswoman in her shopping. She must measure about 5.9ft and weigh over 150 pounds.     
Thunderfox, a new FemForce member
Nightveil had intended to invite Thunderfox as a member of FemForce. But Nightveil was not certain of having done well giving birth to her. She wanted to discuss that with everyone. By magic, she has allowed the team to see Thunderfox in her every day life for several hours. After this "presentation", everybody were delighted. Thunderfox has a nice personality, she seems dedicated, friendly and sociable. And she seems pretty strong. They wanted her to be invited to join FemForce.  


Her formal FemForce membership was officialize some time later, at the same time as Stardust, Tara and Dragonfly. She was nervous but very happy to join this team of super-heroines.   


We quickly seen that Thunderfox is super strong. While her boyfriend sees a car parked in his parking

spot, she goes lift the car easily and goes deposit it elsewhere. We have also seen Thunderfox fold a crane with her bare hands to save a man from death or move a space shuttle. Stardust had never seen such an awesome display of naked power. Thunderfox said that where she comes, the weight of objects doesn't matter. Ater Ms. Victory, she is the strongest in the team, physically speaking. 
She can fly at great speed and she is super fast. 
She has a power bolt, able to desintegrate objects in space. 

A sudden departure...

Sadly, she suddenly disappeared from the world of FemForce in issue #24. Its creator, James Misson, left AC Comics. The company policy is to not use a character who is not their property.  
In the story, to explain her disappearance (in issue #29), Nightveil says to others that her book has been canceled. Even the memory of Thunderfox has been erased on the dimentional plane...  

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