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The Wolverine trugges onward grappling with if he wants an empty life or a meaningful death? 0

The theoretical Darren Aronofsky directed Wolverine film would definitely have been a more auteurist take on the character than previously seen. Something that is becoming more of a must as various franchise continue on year after year. Replacement director James Mangold(Walk The Line, 3:10 to Yuma), whose filmography I would describe as studio eclectic might have found his auteurist self in The Wolverine. Capturing the quiet moments from lead Hugh Jackman and melding them against the old and ne...

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Mortality 14

I have been a Wolverine fan most of my life, being introduced to the character at a young age through the 90's Animated series. I have also loved seeing him in the movies, as although not all off them have been amazing, with X-Men Origins: Wolverine having a lot wrong with it I still love to see the character, and hope that he's shown well in this film.PlotSPOILER FREEWolverine travels to Japan to pay his final respects to Ichirō Yashida, a man who he saved from the atomic bomb. He then lands up...

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A Step In the Right Direction 11

The Wolverine is a decent movie and much better than it predecessor. I think overall it was a good movie, but did have a few plot issues and possibly not enough action. Jackman and Wolverine is still spectacular and it does have him in a little bit truer form to the comic portrayal. I think it one of the top two X-Men franchise movies. The cast was well done and cinematography was great. I do think that the antagonists used in this movie were not played out as well as they could have. I give it...

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Is this the Wolverine movie I've been waiting for? SPOILERS 5

Okay first of all, let me say that I'm a big Wolverine fan so my fanboyism might take over.And warning: THIS IS FULL OF SPOILERSWolverine: The MusicalOkay so the movie begins with Logan at his lowest. He's lonely and has that Hugh Jackman-Jean Valjean beard going on. That is probably the most cliche way to show that the character is sad. But it totally makes sense, so I'll let it slide. The movie actually begins with a younger Logan saving a Japanese man, Yashida, from the bomb in Japan. We see ...

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Really good fun throughout but the final act is disappointing. 0

Last month saw the release of the much-hyped The Wolverine, the latest in 20th Century Fox’s ongoing attempts to create an X-Men movie franchise. There’ve been lots of ups and downs in the last, what, thirteen years (?) as far as that’s concerned. The first X-Men movie was a great movie that did a lot to help establish Marvel characters within Hollywood, but the subsequent productions, despite their varying success levels, haven’t exactly been on par. The X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie was a rid...

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It’s not the definitive story of the merry mutant, but the movie gives it a damn good shot. 0

Cast your mind back to the opening moments of Bryan Singer’s first X-Men movie. It wasn’t a flashy blockbuster starter, but a desperate young boy being torn from his mother in a Nazi concentration camp. Powerful. Emotional. It meant serious business. And the first scene of James Mangold’s standalone tale, The Wolverine, pulls at similar heartstrings, opening with the 1945 bombing of Nagasaki. It’s an incredible recreation where Logan (Hugh Jackman) saves the life of a Japanese soldier, Yashida (...

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Falls' review of The Wolverine (with Spoilers) 13

So I know this movie came out in theaters earlier this summer, but I was at a relative's over said weekend and was not able to post my thoughts right away. I may or may not have be drunk as well...Luckily the DVD came out like last week or whatever and since I was bored tonight, I decided to rent the movie and do a review of it. I like to end things on a positive note, so lets get the bad stuff out of the way first.Also since this movie is now out on DVD I'm not going to bother being careful ab...

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