Top Comic Book Films 2013 List

This is a list of my favourite comics book films from 2013. This includes both live action, and animated films, and will consist of any film that I have seen from the Comic Book Movies page on this site that were out in 2013.

Obviously due to this just being the start of 2013 there isn't much on the list, but once a film is released, and I've seen it, it will be added, and rated, and hopefully also reviewed.

List items

Posted by BlueLantern1995

Have you seen Dark Knight Returns Part 2 yet? If not then go to the store and watch it. Its awesome! (And it came out in 2013).

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

@bluelantern1995: No, it's not released in the UK (where I live) until the start of June along with Superman Unbound, which I'll also be getting. I also really loved the first one, and after it being so long for any word whether it'd be released where I live or not I was about to order from America, but luckily it is out here, and it's not too long away.

Posted by lykopis

Can't wait for Wolverine. Nice breakdown. :)

Posted by johnkmccubbin91