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Black Widow makes a full recovery, but is she going to remain an Avenger? The Wasp and Goliath battle the vengeful Whirlwind to a standstill. Plus, giant ants and more in this explosive issue!

1st appearance of Human Top's name change to Whirlwind. The Avengers are talking when the Wasp enters the room with her new chauffeur. Although they quickly make him leave, he reveals his identity as the Whirlwind and has already seen the inside of the mansion. Only Goliath and the Wasp are home and he quickly ambushes the two. He uses the Avengers technology to increase his size and easily defeats Goliath and Wasp. However, he drops them into an ant-hill to be killed instead of deposing of them instantly. An ant attacks them but they hide and see the Whirlwind planting bombs in the mansion. Then the other Avengers return and battle the villain.

Meanwhile, Goliath and Wasp are slowly being overtaken by the many ants. Luckily however, the Wasp slays the queen ant and the others stop fighting, allowing Goliath to find the cybernetic control center which allows him to read and understand their thoughts. They escape and warn the rest of their teammates about the bomb. Outside, Quicksilver defeats the Whirlwind and uses his speed to defuse the bomb and save the day.

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