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The Amazing Spider-Man # 675 0

Brilliant! I really liked the interaction between Carlie Cooper and Peter Parker. Carlie Cooper being forensic scientist for the criminal justice department comes with some jerk lieutenant boss to whatever he pleases to say. It’s just lightened the book up, of course I’m kidding. But seriously, this is a great read nonetheless. I enjoyed the team it was fun experiment. And fighting a bunch of cultures is nothing compared to the super team up at the end of the book. It’s gotta be Peter Parker sen...

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Peter Parker Sense 0

It’s good to see Carlie and Spider-man working together. This issue takes off where the last one left, and Carlier Cooper is working together with Peter or rather Spider-Man to solve the case of high rise burglaries and suicide jumpers. The issue then culminates in a fight between Spider-man, the Vulture-kids, and Adrian Toomes who manages to get away. In the last few panels Carlie decides to speak with a certain someone that might that could determine what her future will be not only in Spider-...

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Oh, The Stories I Can Tell You 0

I can't say how much it thrills me to say this: I found literally nothing wrong with this issue. It had everything that I love about comics and everything that made me want to read comics in the first place years and years ago. Spider-Man is maybe my favorite character, and after the slight let-down of Spider-Island (though I did like its resolution and the things it changed for all of its crazy confusing plotting) it's great to get back on track. Let's get into the specifics:Great Power: Let's ...

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The Adventures of Carlie Cooper and Spider-man 0

This is a video review for the Amazing Spider-man issue 675. This issue is about Carlie Cooper and Spider-man working together to try and find out how people are dieing from 50 feet above the ground....

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A Little Deeper into the Vulture's Arc 0

What I loved most about this issue is that it was the perfect ASM issue - it starts off with the Spider-humor right away! Also, Carlie is one of the best forensic scientists on the force, so it's nice to see her using her detective skills. As a Peter/MJ shipper who hopes they are meant to be, I was alarmed to see they planted the seeds for Pete and Carlie MAYBE getting back together. At the very least, it's good they can work together at a professional level. I'm reading the FF John Byrne collec...

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Wow, that's Adrian Toomes?! 0

Synopsis: Spidey confronts the new and improved Vulture.What's Good?I don't give Adrian Toomes that much credit. I mean, he's an old guy! It's amazing that he's still alive. But I think he realizes that he's old and frail, but he makes up for it with his intellect and manipulation. That's why this new and improved Vulture is way better than Jimmy Natale. And there's something badass about the way he looks currently.Meanwhile, the Spidey/Carlie hits a new low...or high depending on how you look a...

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