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Though Tony has decided his life is too dangerous to allow for serious romance, he takes Pepper on a date, but it goes very poorly. So poorly, in fact, that Pepper agrees to a night out with Happy just to irritate Tony.

Meanwhile, and expert archer named Hawkeye, jealous of the attention given to costumed heroes, decides to become one himself. His plans go awry, however, when he is blamed for a jewel heist. While on the run, he falls into the company of the Black Widow, who seduces him into targeting Iron Man.

And with his newly developed warhead arrows, he just might have a chance.

At first it seems like Hawkeye has the upper hand, since his rusting arrows have a fluid which rusts Iron Man's armour, but Iron Man has spare parts of his suit hidden around the factory. He then manages to defeat Hawkeye, although only narrowly.

Also includes: "Tales of the Watcher: The Watcher's Power" (Lee, Lieber, Bell, Simek)

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