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Sykes and his parents.

Sykes' parents used him for brain experiments when he was a baby. Instead of being outside playing like the other kids, Sykes spend a lot of his time inanimate in his room. He wears a collar that generates an orange null field around his head. The null field changes shapes, sometimes having some relevance as to what is happening to his classmates. Since his arrival at The Seminary, Sykes has not spoken a single word. One day Empty Vee turns his null field off and sends the entire Seminary into psychedelic pandemonium. Kefong is the only one unaffected and turns the null field back on. During the madness Punchy finds out that Sykes was sexually assaulted by his uncle.

The Null Field Collar

The null field generator collar was invented by Ralph L. Pleasence of The Invisible Technological College of Unreal Sciences. He accidentally discovered it when he attempted to map curved matter and 11th particle patterns. Null fields have the capability of encasing entire planets. A few side affects that Sykes suffers from is a distorted view of reality and an inability to communicate.

The Null Field Collar

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