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Punchy the Puppet Wielder

Punchy reading his comic.

Punchy was just a little kid playing in the sandlot when he found a doll that he would later turn into a puppet. The puppet has the ability generate kinetic alien energy that manifests through bio-symbiosis and sheer will. This gives Punchy the ability to break through any hard surface. Punchy has feelings for Destra, but he pretends to act uninterested.

Punching through a tree.

He is also an avid reader of "Super Espionage Boom" comics.

Facts about Punchy

Don't mess with Punchy's comics.
  • His favorite recipe in Anarchist's Cookbook is Gunpowder Pasta.
  • Punchy's sister was a nun before she was murdered by an escape death row convict.
  • Punchy has been banned from mass e-mailing by four internet carriers.

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