super_man_23's Superior Spider-Man #15 - Run, Goblin, Run! Part 1 of 2: The Tinkerer's Apprentice review

It's open season on Hobgoblin!

My review for Superior Spider-Man #14. Shadowland may be destroyed, and its Kingpin dead, but his righthand man [Hobgoblin] is still out there, roaming around! The Superior Spider-Man is cutting all the strings to Shadowland, and will make sure that the Hobgoblin is brought to justice! One way, or another!

The Good

Nowhere to hide now!

In this issue, The Superior Spider-Man is looking for the Hobgoblin; and also trying to find a way to balance, or totally cut off, the Peter Parker aspect of being Spider-Man; meanwhile, the Green Goblin is still building his criminal empire! From just reading my [really] brief summary, you can expect that this issue will be another great one from the Superior Spider-Man creative team! The best part about this issue is, Dan Slott continues to build on the Superior Spider-Man's new outlook on life, or how Spider-Man fights crime! This is really great, because we get to see how the, now destroyed, Shadowland is doing and also the Green Goblin's criminal organization is starting to flourish because of Kingpin's, "Apparent", demise.

I really enjoyed Dan Slott's big confrontation between Spider-Man and Hobgoblin. The build up to it, was slow; but in the end, it was totally justified with how Spider-Man, now,handles criminals like Hobgoblin. I'm looking forward to what other things Slott will be willing to do, to make THIS Spider-Man, truly, Superior!

The Bad

Nobody, really, cares about your problem now! We want to see Hobgoblin getting punched in the face by Spider-Man!

The main problem with this issue is, the climactic buildup for the Superior Spider-Man vs. The Hobgoblin. From the very beginning, Dan Slott poured in way too much for, this,story. (i.e. Family members and friends trying to get ahold of Peter, Hobgoblin robbing banks, etc. etc.) Each scene had, somewhat, of a purpose, but ultimately it would drag on longer than necessary; and eventually, dilute the fight between Hobgoblin and Superior Spider-Man. Those minor story elements should've been a bit shorter, and everything in this issue would be perfect.

The Verdict

I recommend this issue! It has a good story, and even better artwork! 4 out of 5. Next review, Superior Spider-Man #16.


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