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    Many punches make quick work!

    Battle Beast goes toe-to-toe with Thragg! Will Battle Beast get the long awaited, and glorious, death in battle that he has craved?This bit of dialogue sums up the entire story in this issue. After th...

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    The end? [Spoiler Free Review]

    The episode we have all been waiting for, The Flash season 1 finale!The first season of The Flash took off with flying colors, ever since the first episode. However, this season must come to a close, ...

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    My reviews on @Comicvine, are really good. You should read them! http://www.comicvine.com/profile/super_man_23/reviews/
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    I agree with the Reverse Flash being #1 on this list. Recently, he has become my favorite DC villain.

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    @scavengerfist said:" Do you bleed? You do now." XD

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    Casey Jones vs. New York's Underworld.

    After saving all of New York City, and possibly the entire world, the Turtles decide to take it easy, however since Casey Jones missed out on saving New York and defeating the Kraang, he's going to g...

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    "My Name Is Oliver Queen!", nothing else! [SPOILER FREE REVIEW]

    This is the Arrow season 3 finale! Oliver is going to do everything, and anything, to stop Ra's Al Ghul from destroying his city!Don't worry guys, I really am necessary!I will say this, Barry Allen (...

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    We're going after them!

    Tony and the F.D.A. look into Savoy kidnapping Olive and Amelia, however, the kidnapping might not actually be one!Yup! Not a kidnapping!!The apparent kidnapping, last issue, has led to this amazing i...

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    Old case, new problem.

    D-Bear and Tony deal with an old case that Tony, supposedly, closed a long time ago!Nothing suspicious here! Right from the start we see John Colby dealing with his recent life choices. Of course, it ...

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    A dead [SPOILER] and a new partner.

    After the events of the last story arc, John might have a plan to help Tony take down the Collector once and for all! However, Tony is distancing himself from his old friend and is now working with ne...

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    After the results of the attack on The Collector in the last issue, everyone deals with the results of that choice. The word is, YOU BETTER RUN JOHN!With Savoy, John, Caesar, Olive, Vorhees, and Apple...

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    What's the worst that can happen?

    F.D.A. agents John, Caesar, Vorhees, Mason, Applebee, and Olive decide to take matters into their own hands and go after The Collector. If only they knew the crap they'd walk into by doing so!Everythi...

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    This IS Your Sword! [Spoiler Warning]

    Oliver is getting closer-and-closer to becoming the next Ra's Al Ghul, but at what cost?The first thing that got me excited for this episode was the intro. The "My name is Oliver Queen..." etc., etc.,...

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    Going Grodd Hunting!

    Team Flash is on the hunt for Eddie and Wells, however, what they stumble upon is much larger, and a whole lot scarier than Wells! Grodd Lives!!With only two episodes left, season 1 is looking to clos...

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    Lol, I loved the ending. Especially the location of where Wells is keeping Eddie. I found that really ironic. Great review Mr.M!

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    Gotham's Season 1 Finale

    In this season 1 finale, Gordon must stop a gang war before it destroys all of Gotham!The season 1 finale of Gotham is finally upon us! After an up-and-down rollercoaster, this show has ended on a goo...

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    Strings of greatness attached!

    The movie all Marvel fans have been waiting for, the sequel to the Avengers, and the end of the second phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Avengers Age of Ultron! When Ultron rises to power, it is...

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    Rise of the new Ra's Al Ghul!

    After Oliver accepted Ra's Al Ghul's offer to replace him, Team Arrow has to deal with a new (and improved) Oliver that is tapping into his old killer instinct!The story in this episode is all about O...

  • SUPER-MAN 23 wrote a review of The Anvil or the Hammer.
    Closing The Ogre Story Arc. (SPOILER: if you enjoyed the character, The Ogre.)

    In this finale of the three part Ogre story arc, Gordon and Bullock are looking to close the Ogre case and get Barbara back to safety. Even with the Ogre's intriguing character arc and story, this goo...

  • SUPER-MAN 23 wrote a review of The Trap.
    Caught in a Speed Trap!

    In this episode, Team Flash has to figure out why the Reverse Flash (Harrison Wells) has been assisting the team, and also find a way to capture him!With the first season nearing a close, things for T...