• SUPER-MAN 23 wrote a review of Chicken Tenders, Part 3 of 5.
    Olive is BACK!

    Other CHEW reviews, POYO one-shot and CHEW #42. Olive goes on a mission looking for information on, The Collector! The GoodThe deadly Olive!If there is only one thing you should take away from this is...

  • SUPER-MAN 23 wrote a review of A Chinatown Ghost Story.
    Chasing James Hong's ghost in Chinatown!

    With the relationship between Casey and April growing, Donnie sees this as the perfect time to challenge Casey for the love of his life; however, to make the matter worse, a ghost [named Ho Chan, voic...

  • SUPER-MAN 23 wrote a review of Shadows.
    New direction, more shadows!

    Coulson and his agents may be working in a world with a broken S.H.I.E.L.D., but they are looking to restore society's faith in the once great S.H.I.E.L.D. However, it will be harder than they origina...

  • SUPER-MAN 23 wrote a review of Caramel Apples.
    Carmel Apples

    Trigon returns wanting to reconnect with Raven.The GoodPerfect Raven and Starfire duo focused episode!So after the fiasco of Knowledge, it looks like the TTG! creative team is looking to restore the b...

  • SUPER-MAN 23 wrote a review of Baby Hands.
    Baby Hands

    Robin has a problem with his leadership skills [again]. However, when Brother Blood terrorizes Jump City and threatens the Titans with erasing their memories, Robin uses this to his advantage and gets...

  • SUPER-MAN 23 wrote a review of Slumber Party.
    Slumber Party

    Cyborg is afraid of the dark. So when the power goes out at Titans Tower, the other Titans see this as the perfect time to cure Cyborg's fear of the dark, and throw an awesome slumber party! The GoodS...

  • SUPER-MAN 23 wrote a review of Love Monsters.
    Love Monsters

    Starfire's love and kindness gets a little out of hand when she befriends two demons. The GoodSurprisingly, an awesome Starfire focused episode. The story was well-handled, excellently paced, and funn...

  • SUPER-MAN 23 wrote a review of Knowledge.

    Starfire is tired of not fitting in with the other Titans and being called "The Bummer.", so in a ploy to not become a Bummer herself, Raven tricks Starfire into becoming super smart. The GoodThis epi...

  • SUPER-MAN 23 wrote a review of Salty Codgers.
    Salty Codgers

    Mad Mod turns Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire into old people, but Raven absolutely loves living with these Senior Titans. What will she do when they die? The Good Raven focused episode. Say wh...

  • SUPER-MAN 23 wrote a review of .
    Rex wins.

    My review for INVINCIBLE #113. THINGS CHANGE!The GoodThe one choice that changes everything! WHAT AN AMAZING ISSUE! There has been chaos and death for the last couple of issues, now it is time to see ...

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  • SUPER-MAN 23 wrote a review of Samurai Jack and the Quest of the Broken Blade Part Two.
    Jack's sword is destroyed, what's he going to do now?

    My Samurai Jack #11 review. Sums up this 12th issue. The GoodSo, this story arc continues to impress me! We already know that SJ's sword was broken during a ritual that ended horribly in the last issu...

  • SUPER-MAN 23 wrote a review of Nature.

    Beast Boy has to get his powers back, so the only way to do that is to go back to the wild! (Or nature as some call it.)The GoodRobin to the rescue!So, this episode is about Beast Boy. (Sorta, but not...

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    Excellent review friend, I'll have to check this out because of your review!

  • SUPER-MAN 23 wrote a review of Burger vs. Burrito.
    Burger vs. Burrito

    Cyborg and Beast Boy can agree on anything, anything, BUT food! The GoodSo, this was a hilarious episode But, when you think about it, if it is an episode that combines the humor of Greg Cipes (Beast...

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    @g_man said:Prequel series. A: The First Man.Make this happen!

  • SUPER-MAN 23 wrote a review of Pilot.
    The pilot, OR the start of something with great potential! [No Spoilers]

    Before Batman, there was Lt. James Gordon. And Gordon is Gotham's closest thing to a savior! Experience the series of events that not only change Gordon and Gotham, but eventually set Bruce on the pat...

  • SUPER-MAN 23 wrote a review of Puppets, Whaaaaat?; Little Buddies; Snow Half Pipe; Hamlogna Conveyor Belt Madness.
    Puppets, Whaaaaaat?

    Robin makes puppet versions of his fellow Teen Titans because of their lack of respect for his leadership. However, what starts off as a harmless coping strategy turns into a crazy [wishfilled] advent...

  • SUPER-MAN 23 wrote a review of Birds.

    What starts off as a simple mission to kill off some pesky Mockingbirds, turns into something bigger and STRONGER! The GoodCan someone say, "Robin focused episode?!" (YAY!) Like any other Robin focuse...

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    No Cyclops?