This is for people who are looking for a starting point for the Spawn series, and the Al Simmons character mores specifically, as a whole. Now Spawn has had multiple different runs throughout the years, as far as powers and ect goes, so for all intents and purposes, I will be breaking his runs down into ages.

The First Age

This is Al Simmons starting point as Spawn, and focuses on him trying to regain his pieces of his past. As it was all lost when he Al died, and made a deal with Malebolgia to see his wife Wanda Fitzgerald again, only to be put to slumber for five years before finally awakening in Rat City as a very confused Hellspawn. Issues 1 through 100 focuses on Al's journey, and how he copes with the reality of his own personal Hell, while on walking down a rebellious path against Malebolgia and Hell itself, facing both new and old demons. He is also attempting to learn the extent of his Hellspawn powers.

The Second Age

This is after the conclusion of the final battle with Malebolgia, and the death of Angela. As Spawn now begins to comprehend the full extent of his powers, and is a lot more "hands on" per se than during his first run.

The Third Age

At the beginning of this arc, Spawn looses all of his Hellspawn powers, and is essentially returned to normal. This arc shares a lot of similarities with the first arc, only difference here being, Al returned to a human state, and how has no powers whatsoever. He also encounters a witch named Nyx along the way, who befriends him, and becomes an ally to him in later arcs. However it is very important to note, that he is much weaker, and far less powerful than his previous arcs.


This is where the Armageddon arc begins, and it's exactly what it's name entails. The ultimate end of the world, and the final battle between Heaven and Hell. As Spawn gains the powers of a god, and sets out to become the third party in the war, fighting for Earth itself.


This is the final story arc involving Al Simmons, as Al makes the ultimate sacrifice. And elsewhere, a man named Jim Downing, awakens from a coma in a hospital bed, and is destined to become the next Spawn.

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