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"Crouching Hedgehog, Hidden Dragon" Part One: Princess Sally, Knothole Village's first ambassador, is sent on her first mission as an envoy of peace to the rest of Mobius. Sonic and the Freedom Fighters join her on her trek to The Hidden City of the Ancients. Before talks can commence, however, the Ancients ask the FF to help with a small problem they're having: A Fire-Breathing Dragon! PLUS: Knuckles in Part One of "Reunification" (by Ken Penders): A mysterious echidna appears on the Floating Island. Rather than finding Knuckles, they find a place inhabited by The Dark Legion. Who is this echidna and what does it have to do with Knuckles? Featuring a pulse-pounding cover by fan-favorite SPAZ!

two stories in this issue.

1) Crouching Hedgehog Hidden Dragon: Freedom Fighters meet with the people from station square in order to give homes to refugees they must deal with a dragon problem.

2) Reunification: knuckles alied with dark legion to deal with his new powers. A mysterious time traveler comes in in order to find a trator

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