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Personal Life

Baxter & Emma Supporting The CBLDF

Skottie Young grew up in Bristol, Tennessee and moved to Chicago shortly before he began to work for Marvel Publishing. He has lived with his long-term girlfriend, Casey McCauley, for many years. Together they own a ranch in Illinois. Together they host a podcast called 'The Devil & Me', and own a Saint Bernard called Emma. Young & McCauley are proud first time parents; Baxter Scott Young II was born in the late hours of 12 November 2009 and continues to be a source of many Tweets from both his parents.

Professional Work

Largely famous for being a prolific artist for Marvel Publishing, Young has perviously provided art for Hack/Slash from Devil's Due, Dark Stalkers & Street Fighter II from UDON and and issue of Birds of Prey Secret Files & Origins for DC Comics. His work therefore hasn't been exlcusive to Marvel, however he does have an extremely successful track record with them. His work for Marvel has included a popular string of covers for Cable & Deadpool, Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man, Wolverine: First Class & X-Babies, to name just a few. He has also provided internal art for the Human Torch, New Warriors and the New X-Men during popular Quest for Magik storyline, the latter of which led to him writing a one-off story about Anole for the X-Men: Divided We Stand anthology mini series.

Ozma Of Oz #1

Skottie Young has also self-published two art books. 'B-Sides' and 'Junk' both contain non-published artwork including sketches and scrapped ideas. As they were self-published, they were only available for purchase over the internet.

Currently, he is still working with Marvel on the Oz series of stories with Eric Shanower; the Marvelous Land of Oz & Ozma of Oz. Through his work on the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Skottie Young has been introduced to a long-forgotten demographic of comic book readers; children. Stating that he grew up with stories like Labyrinth, the Dark Crystal and the Neverending Story, Skottie Young has been inspired by the success of the Wizard of Oz and the experiences of fatherhood to create his own original graphic novel aimed at kids.

Marvel NOW!

Deadpool #1 (2012), Young Variant Cover.

During Marvel's 2012 Marvel NOW! event, Skottie Young was commissioned to draw "Baby" variant covers for the majority of the relaunched volumes, as well as a number of existing volumes that changed teams or characters as part of the event.

Personal Work

Junk One

Skottie Young continues to communicate with fans, friends & other comic book creators through many online sources, including Twitter & his own blog. He uses the internet to share his work, even when it hasn't been commissioned for publication. He has produced various self-published books full of sketches that he's posted online & never-before-seen scrapped designs.

As well as his B-Sides and various 'JUNK' artbooks, Skottie Young has set himself daily projects to keep his creativity flowing. This led to the birth of the diminutive alien, Bernard The Destroyer. It featured one or two daily panels that satirised media, celebrities and modern culture.

More recently he set himself a 30 minute 'warm up' challenge. This entitles starting the day with a warm up sketch that can take no longer than 30 minutes. The project quickly evolved into a collaboration with Scott Morse, who provided color for the otherwise monochrome art.

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