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All-new creative team… All-new arc… All-new beginning! Comics icon Peter Milligan and visionary artist Roberto De La Torre drag Jack Boniface into his blackest depths yet!

When a troubled young man with a history of violence and a penchant for blackouts meets an overwhelming source of power with a mystical scythe, the results are doomed to be destructive. A voodoo loa has possessed Jack Boniface – or so he believes. But after Jack awakens in an alleyway covered in blood, he embarks on a journey across lands of shadows and death to discover if he can expel the dark force that’s seized control of his life…and which may be responsible for a violent rampage throughout New Orleans…

The Abettors have dark designs for Jack Boniface, and now there’s only one way to save him: separate him from the Shadowman Loa. Can an enigmatic mambo do the deed, or will Alyssa be forced to choose between Jack and the Abettors? Pick up this issue, debuting the creative team of Peter Milligan (Shade the Changing Man, Hellblazer) and Roberto De La Torre.

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
RegRegular CoverRoberto De La Torre1
PullPullbox Exclusive VariantMiguel Sepulveda (a) & Brian Reber (c)2
VarVariant Cover ABen TemplesmithMissing
VarVariant Cover BShane Davis (a) & David Baron (c)Missing

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