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Sapphire Stagg is the wealthy socialite daughter of industrialist Simon Stagg. She met and fell in love with one of Stagg's former employees, Rex Mason, and remained with him even when he began adventuring as the superhero Metamorpho. Simon Stagg greatly disapproved of Sapphire's devotion to Mason, and was always scheming to break them apart, usually by putting Metamorpho in harm's way. The two lovers' relationship was constantly strained due to the interference of Sapphire's father, Simon. Sapphire and Rex eventually married, in which Sapphire was kidnapped during their wedding and had to be rescued. Soon, the couple had a son together, Joey. Joey had inherited the transmutative properties of his father, but could also use these abilities to affect the chemical properties of other objects as well.

For a time, Sapphire believed that Metamorpho had died, and her father arranged for her to marry a man named Java. Java was an apish man, and one of Simon Stagg's experiments. Although she remained loyal to Java, her heart always belonged to Rex. Eventually, Sapphire discovered that Metamorpho was alive and was working in Paris as a member of Justice League Europe. The two reunited soon afterwards. 

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