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Rosalie Lillian Hale was born into a wealthy family in New York in 1915. Her father was a successful banker and her mother, a housewife. Rosalie was constantly praised for her perfect looks and flowing blonde hair which made her somewhat vain and filled with pride. She had it all; money, loving parents and beauty.   

During a visit to her fathers bank, Rosalie met the man of her dreams, Royce King II, the bank owners son. Although their relationship was rushed and based solely on physical attracton, she didn't care. Her life was now, truly complete. After walking home from her best friend Vera's house, a chance encounter with Royce and his friends occured and continued with Royce King II bragging about Rosalie's incredible beauty, escalating to Rosalie being horribly raped and beaten by the men, who left her for dead on the side of the street.   

Carlisle discovered her body, after smelling the massive amount of blood. It was then that she transformed into a vampire as a last minute chance to 'save her life' by Carlisle. Although a small part of this decision was so that Rosalie could be Edward's 'mate', only to be rejected by Edward himself, which infuriated her. Rosalie set out to avenge her 'death' and eliminated Royce's friends one by one, saving him for last. Taking a theatrical approach, she donned a white wedding dress and tortured Royce to death, making him feel the pain she had felt.    

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