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Before he was changed, he was the youngest Confederate Major in the civil war. Jasper was 20 when he was changed into a Vampire. He is tall and leonine with wavy blond hair. He has topaz eyes, (As all vegetarian vampires have) and when he's around humans, he looks as if he's in pain due to the burning thirst in his throat. He can also feel and manipulate the emotions of those around him.  


Jasper Hale was originally used in the Twilight Novel series, written by Stephenie Meyer, movie series followed later, with Jasper played by actor Jackson Rathbone following on, a Graphic Novel adaptation written by Stephenie Meyer and Young Kim and with art by Young Kim.

Powers and Abilities 

Jasper Hale is a vampire and as such possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility, endurance, healing, health, senses, reflexes, and increased mental dexterity. His speed is such that she can appear as a blue to the normal human eye, possibly moving so fast that she can't be seen. Jasper is an especially adept fighter and tactician, having trained many new born vampires and also having scraped and having had to put down many. He can also influence the emotions of those around him. 

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