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Kilowog helps Soviet Union

Seeing how many meta-human heroes were coming out of the USA during the cold war, the Soviets tried to create their own super heroes to balance the power and perceived threat. Among their plans was the Rocket Red initiative, which, thanks to the Green Lantern Kilowog became a success. Kilowog was able to make the design of the Rocket Red suit greatly increase strength. He also fitted the suit with the latest high tech weapons.

The Rocket Red Brigade was not highly respected until one of their heroes was added to the Justice League International. Unfortunately Rocket Red #7 turned out to be a undercover Manhunter and betrayed the league. He was stopped by the Rocket Red Brigade who also saved the Justice League International at the same time. Rocket Red #7 turned out to be a robot and was killed when Booster Gold put a force field around him just as he launched a missile to kill the League. Rocket Red (Dmitri Pushkin) replaced him and was in the league for a long time.

Rocket Red #7 the Manhunter

The Rocket Red Brigade were also a part of the Soviet Union's defense system, but after an economic crash, however, the Reds were left to rust and the fall of the Soviet Union saw the battle-suits end up in the hands of Russian criminals.

The Rocket Reds re-appeared during the Infinite Crisis guarding the Russian border once again. The current Rocket Red, Maks Chazov is also the White Queen's Knight in Checkmate.

One Year Later

Russia's new Rocket Red Brigade

One year after the events of Infinite Crisis Russia is once more supporting the Red Rocket Program. They are dispatched when Hal Jordan violates their airspace as his presence is a violation of a treaty supported by the United Nations. This new Rocket Brigade have updated their armor to be less bulky and more streamlined. The armors are stronger, more durable and generally better than their predecessors in every way.

The new group has been acting in accordance with the Global Guardians and has been defending their borders and allies valiantly, even going so far as to attack the Justice League when they violated Russian air space. After the incident Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman discuss offering Red Rocket #1 membership to the league as he kept a cool head during the altercation

During the Blackest Night, one of the original members of the brigade, Dmitri Pushkin (Rocket Red # 4) was resurrected as a Black Lantern. He is shown briefly attacking the rest of the Brigade in Moscow. He appears to have a new version of his Rocket Red suit, because the one shown is black, and his original suit can still be seen in the Hall Of Justice. it is assumed he didn't kill any of the other Brigade members, but it is unknown how he was defeated.

Important Rocket Red Issues

Green Lantern Corps #208 - The first appearances of the Rocket Red Brigade.

Justice League International #7 - Rocket Red #7 (Gavril Ivanovich) joins the Justice League International.

Justice league International #9 - Rocket Red #7 betrays the league as a Manhunter and is killed by Booster Gold.

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